Confronting The Gaystapo

Having forcibly – and understandably – rectified the Versailles-type injustices and humiliations foisted on the homosexual community, the UK’s victorious Gaystapo are now on a roll. Their gay-rights storm troopers take no prisoners as they annex our wider culture, and hotel owners (here) and (here), registrars (here), magistrates (here), doctors (here), counsellors (here) and (here), foster parents (here), grandparents (here), adoption agencies (here) and traditional street preachers (here) and (here) find themselves crushed under the pink jack-boot.

Thanks especially to the green light from a permissive New Labour government, the gay Wehrmacht is on its long march through the institutions and has already occupied the Sudetenland social uplands of the Home Office (here), the educational establishment (here), the politically-correct police (here), and the Guardianista management of the BBC (here). Following a plethora of equalities legislation, homosexuals are now protected and privileged by sexual orientation regulations and have achieved legal equality by way of civil partnerships.

But it’s only 1938 and Nazi expansionist ambitions are far from sated. Flattered by appeasers and feted by the political class, the Oberkommandos from Stonewall and OutRage! have expansive goals for cultural hegemony and have long wanted to march on the next territory. They want to hijack a word and capture our culture at its deepest level. They want to reconfigure relationships, eliminate the traditional family and hence eradicate stable upbringing for our children. They want SSM – same-sex “marriage”.

And, unbelievably, the Conservative prime minister, betraying many centuries of Christian marriage in his green and pleasant land and naively revelling in his Munich moment, makes virtue out of vice, holds a piece of paper aloft and declares triumphantly to the Tory party conference, “It’s Gay Marriage in our time”.

Someone once said, “There is a time for silence and a time to speak… a time for peace and a time for war”, and SSM could be the invasion of Poland, the catalyst for war and a cultural fight-back. Catholic bishops are incendiary, evangelicals are appalled and even the dear old Church of England seems to think SSM is a step too far – “The Church’s view remains of marriage as the life-long union between a man and a woman,” said an Anglican spokesperson (here).

Cometh the hour, cometh the man. For years Winston Churchill was a lone voice against the burgeoning darkness of Nazi ideology and intolerance. In the wilderness and with few public friends, he was marginalised and dismissed as belligerent and a war-monger. He was scorned as a political has-been, out of touch with the then-modern mainstream.

But he saw clearly the hidden hegemonic ambitions of the Nazis and their intended assault on our civilization, our values, our way of life. To the fury of the Nazi leadership in Berlin he exposed the sinister truth, gave a trumpet-call for resistance and rearmament, and in due course galvanised the nation for an epochal battle against the fascist menace.

Our civilisation, our values, our way of life – indeed the national character – are inevitably formed from the values of the Christian faith, as over a thousand years and more ‘Christianity’ and ‘Englishness’ have become fully entwined and fused. So erase Christianity and you erode Englishness and the nation loses its identity and self-confidence. In recent decades gay militants have been in the van of the secularist and new atheist assault on Christianity, and as a consequence our culture has corroded and debased and national confusion and self-doubt has grown.

Christian believers have been a lone voice against the resulting sexualisation, narcissism, hedonism, selfishness and materialism. Marginalised and dismissed as bigoted and homophobic, Christians are now despised as has-been and out of touch with the cool cosmopolitan mainstream.

But the hidden hegemonic ambitions of the Gaystapo have been exposed recently by their plans to annex and redefine ‘marriage’. They already have achieved equal rights through civil partnerships, so to covet the word and undermine a foundation-stone of our civilisation – and nurturing place for our children – betrays other more ominous intentions. They want to change our language, manipulate our culture and thereby impose their world-view on us all. Cultural domination is their aim and fascist-type intolerance (here) of politically-incorrect dissent (here) is their weapon. The eradication of marriage as “the life-long union between a man and a woman” is a huge next step along their way.

Cometh the hour, cometh the man or woman. Who will stand up and publicly confront this new domination and intolerance? In 1938 it was perfectly reasonable to like the German people but hate Nazi ambitions and ideology. Today it is perfectly reasonable to warmly engage with your gay neighbours while at the same time forcefully confronting the vaulting ambitions of gay leaders and their atheist and humanist fellow-travellers.

There is a season and a time for everything under the sun. For Christians, the season of appeasement, fear and cowering in the corner is over. “Whom shall I send,” said the Lord, “and who will go for us?”

Now is the time for people of courage to rise up and defend marriage, our children and the very foundations of our civilisation. The only right response? “Here I am, send me.”

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  1. There were some comments about the right of two persons to what they like behind the closed doord in these words :
    « it’s none of my business what goes on behind closed doors in gay homes, … people make their choices. What consenting adults decide to do with one another is entirely their business…It really is no-one else’s business either.- you shouldn’t discriminate based on what people do in their own time. Laws of the country should stay entirely out of the debate of what consenting adults want to do in privacy in their own time, or how they want to live, in my opinion, as long as it doesn’t affect others. Multiple wives/husbands? Gay Marriage?
    If an adult man is raping a woman behind a closed door, if a Catholic priest is sodomy-raping a littler child, or when a homosexual is sodomy-raping a boy without consent ; state and society seems to have a legitimate right to prevent such a happening. State must prvent an adult committing crime against a second person behind closed doors, as well as two adults conspiring to do an act of terrorism, damage the property or person of one of more individuals.
    If an adult man is damaging or injuring another person’s body’s functional or phsyical integrity, with or without consent, the state and society are under obligation to prevent this.
    State and socity are rsponsible for establishing institutions for health care prevention and treatment, it has to ascertain how best to prevent communicable disease. The state has to establish peace in the society, it must not allow any aggression on one person by the other in its jurisdiction, behind open or closed doors.
    Right of privacy is conditional to good intentions and legitimate deeds. A diseased person with AIDS or other sexually-transmitted diseases may transmit his/her disease through sexual act to the other person without prior information to the victim. How should state, then prevent the transfe of the dealy vnereal diseases ? Of course, no carte blanche can be given to the state authorities against the private legitimate dealings between two adult persons, in the similar fashion, privacy has its limitations. In Sweden it is necessary to use condoms when two adult persons ar engaged in sexual activity, otherwise persons like Assuage of Wikileaks has to face persecution in the interest of prevention of the spread of dieases to other members of the society.
    ———— :

  2. Lesbianism, Homosexuality and Gay-marriage

    Learning definitions is important in communicating the real meaning of the terms more so before supporting a cause and before labelling others. The supporters of the gay marriage and the gay-right- slogan-mongers, the vote-hunting politicians like the Hon. Madam Hiliary Clinton-a Methodist Christian, are raising slogans in support of homosexualty and gay marriage without even defining the terms … !
    In traditional terms, a sexual act comprises sexual union between humans of opposite genders : It involves introduction or penetration of the male sexual organ into the vagina of the female ; as a term sexual intercourse is also used for sexual act between two males through the anus or between male and female through anal route, or through other body holes of the other person.
    As Lesbians cannot do with each other with their natural sexual organs therefore, they cannot have sex : Lesbians are not homosexuals.
    Family : a basic social unit consisting of parents and their children, considered as a group, whether dwelling together or not: The traditional family ; a social unit consisting of one adult couple of male & female together with the children they care for: A single-parent family : one person, ususally female with the child or children ; the word family is also used for any group of persons closely related by blood, as parents, children, uncles, aunts, and cousins, as in the say : to marry into a socially prominent family.

    As the falg-waving for the new invention of the gay-marriage heats up ; a question has been raised if there is any hidden ambition, of coveting the world and undermining a foundation-stone of our civilisation – and nurturing place for our children, the family. «The supporters of gay marriage want to change our language, manipulate our culture and thereby impose their world-view on us all». The normal family is the place to bring up children, as the man-woman natural sex marriage is the foundation of the family and the civilization. However, saying no to gay marriage is causing problems for many as the state is saying and demanding the political correctness of repeating that that a gay relationship, being named as gay marriage is a good.
    In European and Europeanized countries, every person has equal basic and fundamental human rights irrespective of any particular sexual orientation, what then is the rationale in the flag-waving of gay rights, gay marriage and gay parades ? Why all this ? … Is cultural domination, the secret aim of gays community ; and is fascist-nazi style type intolerance of politically-incorrect dissent their weapon, as alleged in the article ?
    In this context it doesnt seem true that all gays are asking for is equal rights !
    Even if we take a secular view of European and English civilization, it is right time to feel endagered by the gay offensive as many Germans felt afraid of Nazism in its early days … A section of Christian are raising their voices today, however, they are not the only voice, some atheists and secular people do feel disgusted by these aggressive homosexual and gay startegies.
    Medical/psychological aspects
    Some would emphasize that homosexuality is genetic, is it ?
    During the reign of US President Bill Clinton, human genonomes were discovered and announced : No genes for homosexuality was discovered nor has any such thing found to date ; therefore it can be safely declared that homosexuality, like oral sex or masterbation etc. has no genetic basis.
    It is known that most victims of pedophilia, mostly by Catholic priests and Jesuits, graduate to homosexuality as soon as they are sexualy mature. According to Bishop Patrick Buckley, upto 40% Catholic priests are homosexuals or gay. (While it is known that 70-80% Jesuits are homosexuals¨pedophiles-particularly as the Catholic priests are not allowed to marry) ; he says that he was himself a victim of pedophilia.
    A similar practice is rife in the Islamic madrassas even when mullahs are allowed to marry. It is known that the only form of sexuality known by the victims of pedophilia was the anal-sex, the homosexuality. Therefore, no wonder they satisfied their natural sexual instincts in the only way taught to them. Many victims of pedophilia and other homosexuals were specifically indoctrinated in not having sex with women as it was dangerous for health- a conditioning of sexual misogyny.
    Is homosexuality a choice ?
    Therefore while homoseuxuality has no bais in genes, it is not even a choice. Homosexuality is the only sexuality such individuals have been exposed to ; and it is known that many such adult indulge in anal sex with their wives even after marriage !
    Psychologically, a frontal sex relation with a female imparts warm feelings and healthy emotional ties between the partners, it creates a civilized behavious with mutual sharing of sexuality, involves social courtesy as well as a feeling of cultural uplifting ; while a rear-sexuality even when vaginal does not involve both in the emotional milieu. On the other hand a rear-anal sexuality adds filth to the sex with flaus and feces.
    While one may not define homosexuality as a mental, emotional or spiritual disorder, it definitely is wrong conditioning and indoctrination. Psychologists as well as many spiriualists have tried to revert the conditioning and indoctrination and have been successful.
    It is truism that homosexuality can beecome an addictive behaviour of which any normal person is capable of becoming a victim, similar to use of drugs, alcohol, etc. « It is just a perverse way of satisfying reproductive instincts and sexual emotions ».
    More than a year ago, a bunch of US psychologists and psychiatrist were appraoched and convinced by the gay organizations, using the emotive slogans of human rights etc. to declare homosexuality and gay relations as normal and natiral. Homosexuality was deleted from the list of psychological/psychiatric illness or wrong behavious by the sheer emotive voting in some professional organizations of these experts, (without any regard to the medical facts, of course!).
    The National Secular Society in London dully recieved the report and decided on a similat crusade in UK. Mr.Terry Anderson, the president of the NSS wrote an official letter to the professional organizations of the Psychologists and psychiatrists in UK, urging them on the emotive slogans of fundamental human rights, and ordering them with the rare moral authority to delete homosexality as a treatable diseases or abnoramilty of sexual behavious, and to declare homoseuality as natural and normal, in the light of the American studies and the resolutions in this respect.
    Like other members of NSS, I came to read of this deed and decided to respond. As a professional man of medicine, I wrote letters to the UK professional organizations of the psychologists and psychiatrists, informing them the defects in the American studies cited as well as informing them that the NSS President Mr. Terry Anderson, being a non-medical person, has neither the knowledge nor the moral authority to write such letters. My arguments were well taken and NSS initiative failed to convince anybody. However, that year when i applied for the attendance of the NSS AGM, I was refused any reply … !

  3. Socio-sexual factors

    Genocide is technically the mass extermination of the men and women capable of transferring their genes for the creation of next generation. Seen in this light, if a sizeable population of a racial or ethnic group is murdered or locked away in reservation refusing them the chance to transfer the genes, technically it would be a gernocice. Similarly if a sizeable portion of an ethnic or racial group is indoctrinated and brainwashed into masterbation, oral or anal sex, it twill have similar genocidal effect for that community.
    This has been one of Roman imperial technology to encourage homosexuality amongst captive men, slaves as well as its soldiers of foreign origin ; and to produce Roman childrren from the women captives. Roman ideologies and social/sexual technolgies were inherited by what is called the West.
    Roman Catholicism doesn’t allow marriage of priests and nuns, thereby indirectly encouraging homosexuality and Lesbianism ; it has also continued its practice of producing Roman children from the nuns of various ethnic origins while inducing their men into homosexuality. Romans also observed that homosexual men are more brutal and kill in a barbaric manner without any remorse. Similar socio-sexual technologies were at work in the colonizing process by the Christian West where Roman Catholic Jesuits practiced their pedophilia in the colonial missionary schools and spread their vicous homosexuality in the society.
    The Roman Nazis at their inititail stages practiced a similar socio-sexual teechnology, they raped young Jewish boys as well as German members of the Nazi Youth. Later Hitler came to a point of choosing between Prussian nobility who opposed homosexuality and his earlier homosexual friends ; it was then on « The Night of Long Knives » in 1932 that Hitler got his homosexual friends killed en mass.
    Homosexuality and gay-marriage, therefoe, is not an individual act or right, it can have devastating effects on the society, and ethnic/racial group.
    Sodomy whether practiced with consent or without consent as pedophilia or sodomy-rape, has something inherently unnatural about the act which gives the victim a deep feeling of humiliation-a shame like that of leakage of flatus or feces in public ; many victims of pedophilia-sodomy-rape have committed suicide in New Zealand, Belgium and possible in UK where some girls in the South committed suicide for no other obvious reasons. While last september, 10 teenagers committed suicide as a result of the humiliation by their school-mates, as these teenagers tried to flag-wave their homosexuality in public.
    The homoseuals and gay people have used emotive slogans like human rights, religious oppression etc. to influence the politicians of all colours but particularly the emotive members of the Labout Party where people will support a cause merely as a fashion if it contains rebellious slogans.

  4. Nazim and the Gay.

    It is not just that the modus oprendi of British Gays and Nazism is the same, the resemblance goes further.
    Bavaria in Germany is an ancient region : after the Roman conquest of Germany, it became an important Roman centre, then as Christianity became the political ideology of the Roman Empire after 313 CE, it became the regional centre of Christianity, then of Illuminati ; then of Freemasonary ; then of Jesuits. When Hitler came to Munich in Bavaria, Thule society- a secret society with visible homosexual membership as well as leadership resembing Illuminati and Jesuits Society in struture in function and inspiration, run by the Jesuits and their agents controlled the politico-spiritual milieu of the city
    The DAP-The German Workers’ Party- the short-lived predecessor of the Nazi Party, was founded in Munich in the hotel “Fürstenfelder Hof” on January 5, 1919 by Anton Drexler, a homoseual member of the occultist Thule Society. German Workers Party soon evolved into Hitler’s Nazi party, however, it continued to be controlled by the THULE society by its homosexual members.
    Homosexuality: The Secret Behind Secret Societies
    The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party is a book first published in 1995 by Scott Lively and Kevin Abrams.[1]
    Homosexuality in the nazi Party
    The Other Side of the Pink Triangle
    In brief, Nazism starting as an offshoot of the Thule Society, a secret society with many homosexuals as its members ; it came to surface as German Workers partysoon evolved into the notorious Nazi party of Adolph Hitler. It slowly and stealethly took over the German society, influencing the German society, its culture, its values as well as its state institutions one by one through its homosexual storm trooper irregular & brutal army- the SA, till it won the state power through democratic elections.
    However, because of the presence of Prussians nobility who opposed homosexuality, the Nazis were not able to discriminate so openly as the British homosexuals and gay organizations are doing, particularly through its infilteration and emotive political exploitation of the Labour Party of UK.
    Therefore, the basic premesis of this article is very correct : first alarm has been raised ; indeed, it’s a dangerous conspiracy against the British monarchy, British cultural and democratic values as well as for the nations under the British political and cultural influence. Therefore it is time to wake up …. !

  5. Adrian Tippetts Says:
    December 8th, 2011 at 12:36 am

    As ever Adrian, you misstate the views someone has expressed instead of addressing the views they have expressed.

    No sign of insecurity there on your part I’m sure.

    One thing we can agree on though, I have no doubt that you and people like you will give people like me a very miserable time for not shutting up about what we believe.

    The ‘miserable’ time you wish to give us will vindicate those beliefs.

    And then there will be Judgement.

    Unless you are prepared to face this ‘miserable time’ you currently wish to inflict on others, you will not be saved.

    I hope you managed to learn something from Christmas this year Adrian.

    God bless.

  6. Atheism/Humanism/Liberalism and Sexuality

    Basically Atheism, Secularism, Rationalism, Liberalism, Agnosticism, Skepticism, Freethought have nothing to do with homosexuality or gay marriage. Their policy is that in their dealings, they do not discriminate against anybody on the basis of sexual orientation alone. However, the gay people took undue advantage of this and manipulated different organizations with emotive slogans of human-rights etc. to work in the interest of homosexuals.
    Atheism means not believing in an Allah or God for reasons of lack of positve proof, and the whereabouts, origin et. Of any such claimed Allah or God. Theists claim that there is an Allah or God who created the universe, he runs the system of the universe, listens to prayers, perform miracles and rewards for the good or bad actions. Deists, on the other hand, believe that an Allah/God did create or or might have created the universe but that such a deity doesn’t listen to prayaers, doesn’t interfee in the day to day functioning, doesn’t perform miracles, and doesn’t rewardfor good or bad action of the people.
    Humanism : Humanists believe human beings to be the centre of all ideologies, values etc. : « Humans are the measure of all things », rather than a deity, an Allah or God being the centre and measure of things.
    Secularism came out of the bad experience of the religious wars between Catholics and Protestants since 16th century after Protestant Reformation and the wars of Counter-Reformation in Europe when after huge displacements due to religious identity, killings of brothers by brothers for religious reasons, it were the religous peole belonging to minority religious sects who demanded non-religious political states : the secular state.
    Rationalism wants to see the world with the tools of rational reasoning.
    Liberalism : Liberals do not believe in any dogma good or bad.
    Agnosticism : While Gnostics believe that it is possible to know the reality with the help of knowledge, the Agnostics do not believe it is possible to know the reality, esp the reality of an LLAH/god through knowledge.
    Skepticism : Skeptics see every value, evry understanding of reality with suspicion
    Freethought : Freethinkers think outside any chains of belief systems, religious or otherwise ; they may run amoke but stay rational.
    Well, none of these or similar ways of throughts and living involves or includes anything like homosexuality or gay-marriage. (Indeed, the word « Gay » had been hijacked by the homosexuals as they are now trying to hijack the term « Marriage ». In the literature of different countries the word gay had nothing to do with homosexuals etc.) However, the organizations dealing with these ideologies had been thoroghly infiltrated by the homosexuals and gay people. Similarly, using emotional slogans, they exploit the members of the Labour Party ; the same was done by the Nazi homosexuals who created their own Human-right organizations to emotionally exploit and blackmail the German Weimer Republic after these leftists and honosexuals successful in creating general unrest for forcing abdication of the Prussian Emperor Wilhelm II in 1919 which was also the end of monarchy in Germany. A similar danger looms large over the United Kingdom today.

  7. Why Gays/homosexuals seem so committed

    Madam Maryam Namazi is an ex-Muslim of Iranian origin ; she is settled in London where she keeps herself busy working for the Council of Ex-Muslims. I got interested becoming a member of the Council of Ex-Muslms and after reading the manifestoe decided to attend the AGM. But the invitaion letter astonished me as it was full of gay-flag waving. I asked her that I wanted to attend the annual meeting but I objected the gay flag waving as i twas not part of being an Ex-Muslim. I thought I was within my right to expect that an organization works according to its label & dclared manifestoe, and that when the Council of Ex-Muslims does not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation then why this flag-waving of gays ? She was infuriated and refused my membership/AGM attendance offer. She was not a bisexual or gay herself but I found out that not only her major support came from the London gay groups and she felt compelled to gay flag-waving under the pain of loosng her support ; but that some foreigners might have got asylum only because of declaring themselves as gay otherwise he gay-supporting official would not accept their application.
    In August 2010, I attended the IHEU AGM in Brussels. A resolution (education in schools) was presented which gave tactical support to paedophilia and child abuse, therefore, after my brief speech it was not presented to the IHEI AGM. Hoeever, it was wrongly reported by the IHEU website and IHEU newslatter of September 2010, that the said resolution had been passd. Being a life member, I attended the IHEU AGM at Brussels in August 2010 in my personal capacity as an observer ; and when this resolution was presented for discussion, I asked the permission to speak. I was given only two minutws to speak (although there is no rule to this effect and even the UNO human Rights Council in Geneva gives at least three minutes to observers) ; I objected the following two points in this resolution : Education should ensure that children are informed about a range of religious and non-religious lifestances and have autonomy in their choice of their own lifestance….. »
    My point was :
    « As long a child is a child (a minor) he cannot be asked to have autonomy in their choice of their own lifestance. This gives tactical support to paedophilia and child abuse in cases where it may be claimed that the child has made a free choice for sex under the suggestion or sway of some lifestance which permits such practice. (Here one may refer to Mr. Tatchell’s infamous letter to the Guardian of 26 June 1997 :
    Where Mr. Tatchell, [in his attempt to promote and justify pedophilia by Jesuits and Catholic priests] repeats call for lower age of consent for sex to 14 years.)
    (A lifestance is any religious or religion-like-ideology which might be ethical or unethical, particularly in relation to children in matters of sex etc.). A child is not responsible for the consequences of his free choice, therfore it is not legal to ask a child to make a free choice in any matter, a child, a minor-by definition always needs guidance of teachers and parents.
    2. « … Publicly funded schools should not promote one particular religious or non-religious lifestance as the only correct one, but teach about the various lifestances (including Humanism) factually and in an objective way. » Here « the various other lifestances » gives a blank cheque to lifestance whether good or bad, constructive or destructive ; this is therefore unethical ; we are Humanists and we can recommend only Humanism for schools and not just any lifestance whatsoever.
    These points were well taken and this resolution was not presented for voting and therefore this resolution was not passed. The Chair asked the delegates to volunteer for a committee to look into the wordings of this resulution as well as the two pending resolutions of the IHEU AGM 2009, so that all three resolutions could be presenteed before the 2011 OSLO AGM with improved wordings.
    AS the IHEU website announced passing of this resolution, I wrote back to the delegates recieving only confused and altogether different responses : Intellectual dishonesty, i must say.
    In the same IHEU AGM, I opposed the enty of the British NGO « The Pink Triangle » for their declared agenda of supporting homosexuality everywhere. I objected that Pedophilia, Sodomy-rape of boys & girls/women/men are also types of homosexuality and that this NGO may not be allowed till it clears its stance. However, the NGO was admitted into the IHEU
    People do not support homosexuality and gay-marriage only because they practice these, but that they are knitted in secret Freemasonary-style hierarchical structures in such a way that their social and economic well-being is dependant on supporting such orientations and ideologies as ordered. If they disobey their secret organizational hierarchy, they, the shallow individuals whose only qualification is the secret support, loose their position, social status etc. A man who cannot even define Humanism, easily becomes president of an international or national humanist organization just because he is supported by a secre organization.
    A similar situation as exists in UK today, existed before French Revolution of 1798, before Russian Revolution of 1919 and before Nazi take over in Germany ; people would support an ideology as ordered by their secret superiors, irrespective of their own practices or the rightness of the issue. One can find hundreds of article and books on this subject on internet and bookshops. The United Kingdom is a complex political entity ; it is a national, multi-national and international monarchy which has served as an empire and much of its imperial structure is intact in former colonies, There are secret powers and international institutions which would like to abolish British monarchy and take over the structure in their hands as had already happened with Habsburg Empire, German Empire and Russian Empire, just to name the few.
    To appreciate this point further, it would be useful to go to the following links and read through the lines as well as in between the line on the evolution of political institutions and states, so that a discussion on how to confront and defeat the gay-Fascism may be advanced :

    The Strange, Strange Story of the Gay Fascists

    Jewish Enlightenment and Reformation


  8. Is this gay flag-waving & support of homosexuality, gay–marriage part of larger conspiracy ; by whom & against whom?

    Jesuits started their « Society of Jesus » in 1543 in Paris University with the purpose of using the newly discovered social sciences in the service of Counter-Reformation & spreading Roman Catholicism. Slowly, through their tactics of infiltration and taking over institutions, they were at the helm of most of overt & covert social, cultural & political organizations of their day and continue to be so even in our own days. They choose a « Black Pope » every few year who is responsible for spreading intellectual, political, intellectual, Biological & psychological and other types of evils and vices : Black Pope or the Superior General of the Society of Jesus:
    Freemasonary- a secret society existed in its ancient & real form, in Paris around 1300 CE (AD) ; it was an independant mostly non-religious society of professionals and intellectuals living under the pressure of an absolutist Catholic monarchy run by priests with a ceremonial king or queen at the helm ; other countries in similar circumstances had similar secret organizations in their countries. However, Paris soon saw the persecution of Freemasonry members as it had earlier seen the burning alive of the European women as witches, intellecetuals and professors as heretics. « … The year 1314 was a watershed for the Freemasonary; on that fateful year, the infamous and ignoble Christian Catholic Inquisition burnt at stakes the last Grand Master of the Knight templers / Freemasons in Paris. It was a turning point in the history of world and it was also the start of Freemason Diaspora. From France the Freemasons fled the religious terror and headed north. They reached Scotland, Switzerland, Ireland and other far off & safer lands. And where ever they arrived, that educated the people, taught them arts and crafts, they opened hospitals and charities, they started educational institutions and they raised the conscience level of the communities, elevating them from the mere bioligical animal levels to the higher levels of human dignity. While oppression forced others to turn to Illuminati or to religious wings of Knight Templers or other Christian secret societies ».
    As mentioned above, starting their « Society of Jesus » in 1543 in Paris University as a secret military order – which was the most forceful Counter-Reformation organization ; Jesuits’ basic attack was against the Reformation forces and the Proteatant Church/Protestant monarchies ; however, soon they took their arms against every non-Catholic and non-Christian monarchy, and other such organization which the Catholic Church opposed. As a secret society, they adapted tactics of secret invasion and infiltration of Church denominations and organization suspected of being disloyal to or working/existing without the persmission or the goodwill of the Pope and the Catholic Church. Using the tactics of disguise, among Protestants they became Protestants ; amongst Jews they became Jews ; and when they arrived in the colonies, they took the guise of Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists etc., and turned these religions as Roman as possible by creating new sects in the interests of the Vatican and the Catholic Church. While in the political fields, they were communists amongst the Communists, Socialist amongst the Socialist ; they raised the shining slogans of democratic liberties, human rights and abused these liberties and rights in a destructive manner. In a similar fashion, the Freemasonary organizations were thoroghly infiltrated and taken over by the Jesuits who quickly became Masters and Grandmasters of the lodges, and controlled the Freemasonary organizations everywhere, to the extent that only Christians may become members of Freemasonary in Norway.
    In British colony of India as in other Western colonies, the Jesuits started creating Freemasonary-like secret organizations around 1750, recruiting locals who worked for the imperial Christian East India Company in its colonial armies, police forces and other services where they worked alongwith the Europeans recruited by the imperialists. Jesuits forced the locals to convert to Christianity and those who refused were dully burnt at stakes as witches and heretics, for example in Goa-India, which is known to history because of Voltaire’s letters of protests agaisnt this practice. [Ref : Society of Jesus : Freemasonry: , Freemasonary rites of York :
    While People legitimately plan their policies, political courses and business affairs in secrecy, penal codes of nearly all countries recognize that men illegitimatey conspire against other men, groups, organizations and countries ; that being the modus operandi of the secret societies. Secret society :
    The 1789 French Revolution, the 20th century Russsian, the German & the Chinese revolutions which overthrew Protestant, Orthodox and non-Christian monarchies in these countries, were preceded by the establishment of secret societies dully helped by Jesuit advisers from the Christian Western countries. Reading the « Jesuit Oath » : would put some light into the the anti-monarchy, secret and revolutionary ideologies of the Jesuits and a brief on their clandestine activites all over the world :
    However, what is amazing in these pages of history is how these revolutionary ideas spread around in a very organized fashion. After the French Revolution of 1789, anti-monarchy and revolutionary ideas spread in all those countries where Jesuits worked, as a result the European countries started putting restrictions on the activities of the Jesuits. The 2nd French Revolution of 1848 sent a 2nd waves and even the non-monarchial countries like Switzerland put restrictions on the entry and activities of the Jesuits in their countries : (See 1870 Swiss Constitution).
    In the post-WWI year 1919, there was a sudden jungle-fire like spread of the ideology of Communism from India & Africa to UK, Germany, Russia, China, France and Latin American countries-all Christian countries and their colonies. In colonies the Communism was mixed with anti-colonial flavour, by the Christian priests, mostly Jesuit teachers and professors in the Christian missionary schools and universities. In his book »Mein Kempf » the Nazi leader Hitler dully praised Jesuits and imitated their organizational in Nazi party, Hitler had many Jesuits as his advisers and soon after the establishment of the Nazi Party, the Catholic Cantral party of Germany was dissolved and nearly all its members joined the Nazis.
    In 1968 a similar wave of wild fire revolutionary ideas took hold of the world in a very regular fashion involving educational institutions and factories mobilizing the students and the labour force everywhere resulting in revolutions in many continents and countries.
    While upto 40% Catholic priets are homosexual as referred in an earlier comment with reference to Fr. patrick Buckley, the ratio of homosexuality and pedophilia goes up in Jesuits >>> 60-80%. A little search on Google will give countless links showing the high rate of pedophilia, homosexuality and other sexual perversion in them. The Methodist Church also shares the ratio of the Jesuits in homosexuality ; and there are many links & references to show that the Methodist Church had long been infiltrated and infested with Jesuits. A causal reading of the links about priest and homosexuality shows that Jesuits, Catholic priest and Methodists are dully involved in spreading such sexual activities : This evolution can be described as : Pedophilia >>> Homosexuality >>> Gay-marriages…
    It can also be observed that at the intellectual level, most of the so-called Leftists, gay marriage supporters and supporters of radical Islam are Methodists, Catholics or Jesuits.
    The war against Nepalese monarchy is the latest example of the combined activities of Communists, Socialists, Islamic radicals and homosexuality-supporting humanists/Christian priests :
    Nepal had a stable traditional Monarchy which the late King voluntarily transformed into a Constitutional Monarchy with a parliamentary a few years agao ; it was peacefully progressing which didn’t please the ideologues of Communist partiess who planned abolishing monarchy with a Chinese-style Communist revolution. China started helping eith material and ideology, some socialists and communists in India and Australia as well as the West were practically sympathetic, while a US university’s Lefty teachers sent books on revolutionary tactics through internet. The Communists were in dire need of funds, however. Suddenly a humanist organization arose in Nepal ; IHEU and some of its member organizations started propaganda against monarchy and arranged sending funds into Nepal through the humanist organization; with these funds the revolutionaries were able to buy their arms and ammunition. Revolutionaries succeeded in overthrowing monarchy ; and after the revolution, the first and the only proud activity of the communists was : The gay parade and gay tourism… !
    Fashionable slogans like socialism, civil librties, equal rights were used to attract the masses ; rise of socialism & communism came in with similar slogans in Russia, China and other countries,
    IHEU, under the Methodist Christian President Mr. Roy W Brown recruited many criminal-type elements and homosexuals in Uganda and other 3rd world countries as they did in Nepal. It is feared that such elements are a danger not only to the British Monarchy but also to the contemporary human civilization and cultural values, as described dully by the blogger.
    To destroy the civilization and culture, the gay-fascists have started writing alternate history books where they destroy the characters of historical figures like Alexander the Great by falsely calling them homosexuals : this has been the tactic used by Jesuits throughout their history ! Greeks, a civilized nation was accused by Roman Christians calling them homosexuals, [You cannot trust Romans in matters of Greek history ; winners write history as they please, and we must trust or distrust such historians as we please].
    The contemporary gay community has been using all the evil tactics used by the Jesuits : they adultrate history, cultural values, they offer honors and medals to popular actors and singer and then call them gay-supporters ; they manipulate and emotionally exploit people using emotive words like human rights and civil liberties.
    Conspiracy Against whom?
    While, the conspiracy to destroy civilization and cultural values is against humanity in general, its particular victims are the European races who are particularly vulnarable to intellectually stimulating slogans invilving matters of equal opportunities, human rights, civil liberties etc. Europe and European races being the vanguard and repository of Renaissance, Enlightenment, educational, intellectual activities and modernism are particularly under attack.
    It must be emphasized that in WWI, German Emperor Wilhelm II’s army, although defeated, did not allow a single foreign soldier to put feet on German soil, yet its organized & efficient army was helpless and was defeated by the secret societies of irregular rebels, Socialists, Commmunist and homosexuals in Germany and as a result Wilhelm II had to abdicate and German monarchy was abolished.
    Two years ago at the IHEU London AGM, an African delegate was led in: and without any prior notice, he got up at the begining of the conference loudly shouting : « My country was colonized by British-the whites, the colonizers…. There was a head-down pin-drop silence in the conference ; I got up and opposed him giving references from the history books that whites or British were only the instruments of colonization and not the colonizers. Having been raised in the hot sunny summers of Indian SubContinent, with my brownish face, I gave him examples from the Indian history as well as from the history of other colonies. I also asked him as to who built railways, roads, hospitals, colleges, universities, airports, parliaments, municiplties, telephone systems, radio stations and television technologies, and built thousand great cities ?

  9. Reading the « Jesuit Oath » : would put some light into the the anti-monarchy, secret and revolutionary ideologies of the Jesuits and a brief on their clandestine activites all over the world :

    . [Ref : Society of Jesus : Freemasonry: , Freemasonary rites of York :

    Secret society :

    Black Pope or the Superior General of the Society of Jesus:

  10. Fighting Gay-Fascism : The Way Forward

    All that is necessary for the evil to succeed is that good men do nothing.

    Accepting all the laws, rules & regulation as well as the court judgement, and without commenting on the homosexual individuals, I must say that it is indeed time to speak out against the acts of pedophilia, homosexuality and same-sex marriage, as it is the pedophilia victims who grow up to become homosexuals and it is them who then call out for gay union and gay marriage.

    The blogger has suggested Christianity to be vanguard in the struggle against gay-takeover of our society. He has dully cited Archbishop Williams of the Anglican Church as supporting and accepting homosexuals and I fear soon he would be following the Catholic Church in accepting the Gay-marriage….

    By Eric Marrapodi, CNN Belief Blog Co-Editor
    (CNN) – The Archdiocese of Hartford, Connecticut, this month is beginning a program that ministers to gays and lesbians, CNN affiliate WFSB-TV reports. January 5th, 2012

    Looking back to Germany under Nazi Hitler ; « Magnus Hirschfeld-a Christian, who formed the Scientific Humanitarian Committee in 1897 and later opened the Institute for Sex Research in Berlin »…. The homosexuals also started « Society for Human Rights » to promote the rights of homosexuals…. In 1935, Paragraph 175 was amended with Paragraph 175a which criminalized any type of behavior that could be construed as indicating a homosexual inclination or desire (Burleigh and Wipperman: 190)… Interestingly, the Nazi new criminal code addressing homosexuality deleted the word “unnatural” from the definition-Reisman, 1994:3.)…

    See Britain : As a bishop of the disestablished Church in Wales, Williams was the first Archbishop of Canterbury since the 16th century English Reformation to be appointed from a position outside the Church of England. As a patron of “Affirming Catholicism”-an extremist Catholic organisation for catholic priests, his appointment was a considerable departure from that of his predecessor and his views were destructive and were seized on by a number of Evangelical and conservative Anglicans……. (Not the least those expressed in a widely published lecture on homosexuality -see below). Soon, as has already been mention of Berlin, Williams founded the ‘Institute for the Study of Christianity and Sexuality’ (which in 1996 became the ‘Centre for the Study of Christianity and Sexuality’) – a group meant to combat homophobia, (in fact, for supporting homosexuality and making it acceptable in general public.) When he was Professor of Divinity at Oxford University, Williams work characterised him amongst the so-called liberal Anglicans as a significant figure in the effort to make the Anglican Church’s moral stance on homosexuality more accepting.

    Although generally considered as an Anglo-Catholic, his sympathies are broad… He was in New York at the time of 11 September 2001 attacks, only yards from Ground Zero delivering a lecture; he subsequently wrote a short book, ‘Writing in the Dust’, offering reflections on the event. In reference to Al Qaeda, he claimed that terrorists “can have serious moral goals”.

    … Williams’ contributions to Anglican views of homosexuality were perceived as quite liberal before he became the Archbishop of Canterbury. These views are evident in a paper written by Williams called ‘The Body’s Grace’, which he originally delivered as the 10th Michael Harding Memorial Address in 1989 to the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement, and which is now part of a series of essays collected in the book Theology and Sexuality (ed. Eugene Rogers, Blackwells 2002). … … Though acknowledging that he was simplifying the Church’s position, Williams said in September 2010 “There’s no problem about a gay person who’s a bishop. ….According to some, Dr. Williams’ unfair and undeserved rise to”the theological throne” clearly points towards the presence of Vatican’s mafia-style influence right inside the Anglican Church. Indeed, his whole agenda seems to had been motivated with Jesuit-like demonic programme and he has been using the Jesuit-like destructive tactics of creating mass psychological confusion and mass-misguidance on the name of God and religion through abusing his status and position as the head of Anglican hierarchy; he has been loyal to Vatican rather than England- a clue to Vatican centuries long and constant Counter-Reformation war which the Jesuits had been waging against Englnad and Scotland and other Protestant countries since the days of Reformation, but only that their latest tactics include abusing mass-psychology, multi-culturalism to dilute the spirit of Protestant rebellion against the catholic absolutism; He has followed Vatican’s moves on promoting and supporting homosexuality in priests and general public; he has also supported Islamic Shariah in a move to impose Islamism on Muslims in England;, …

    …. In an August 19, 2006 interview with a Dutch newspaper, Nederlands Dagblad, Williams stated that “in terms of decision-making the American Church has pushed the boundaries” in its policies regarding homosexuality. Williams argued that the Church had to be “welcoming”, rather than just being “inclusive” to the homosexuals.
    …. On January 24, 2007, it was revealed that Williams and John Sentamu had written to Tony Blair, the then Prime Minister, on behalf of the Church of England, united in support of the Church’s bid to be exempt from laws on adoption by gay couples. In a letter they wrote, “rights of conscience cannot be made subject to legislation, however well-meaning, (? Since when homosexuality became a matter of conscience…!)”…. in his Advent Letter for 2007 he said: “… it is part of our Christian and Anglican discipleship to condemn homophobic prejudice and violence, to defend the human rights and civil liberties of homosexual people … (Indeed, making virtue out of vice as mentioned by the blogger), and to offer them the same pastoral care and loving service that we owe to all in Christ’s name (The Bible never allowed such absurd and morally corrupt views….!)”. In “The Challenge and Hope of Being an Anglican Today”, an address to the Anglican Communion in June 2006, he said: “It is possible – indeed, it is imperative – to give the strongest support to the defence of homosexual people….. (Why ?)

    Like the Pope saying that Gay mariage is threat to humanity-while overlooking homosexuality and pedophilia in the priests as threat to humanity : Playing double game : Introducing homosexuality in children through pedophilia in the majority children of a community is equal to an indirect genocide being perpetrated by the Church.

    Therefore looking at the history of Christianity as Theology, as an hierarchical structure, as an hstorical force, and as its present role in keeping silent and therefore indirectly promoting pedophilia & homosexuality ; Indeed, Christianity’s role in the War of Resistance against Gay-Fascism is suspicious, to say the least.
    Roman Catholic church’s paedophile investigator jailed for possessing thousands of child porn images :


    Tactics are as important as truth.
    In the interest of the war of defending civilization at this moment, it is necessary to adopt such ideologies and ideas, slogans and organization which are attractive and tactically upto the tssk. Only the orthodox and regular churcrh-goers, a small percentage may be convinced with Christinity, as Muslims, Hindus and Jew may be argued against gay thought with refrence to their religious texts. However neither the gay community nor the general public nor yet the intellectual section of the nation can be convinced with the religious sermons. Whenever a blogger starts opposing homosexuality and gay marriage on the name of Christianity, 98% of the hundreds if not thousand comments condemn religion rather than gays ; they cite the barbaric medieval punishments for homosexuality in Christianity, they cite pedophilia and they cite all types of corruption in the religious theology, hierarchical structure and its historical reecord : Bishops, Archbishops and great confessors of Mother Teresa, and thousand of priests have been found indulged in pedophilia and homosexuality, and as yet neither the Christian theology has been able to convince them nor the Church structure or hierachy has been able to investigate them or stiop them… ! Other deeds of Catholics : abduction of new born babies in Spain and other countries :
    Christian roots of antil-Semitism

    300,000 babies stolen/exchanged from parents & sold for adoption by Catholic Church in Spain alone:

    Trafficking in English children : Read Gillian Wagner’s book « Children of the Empire » and other countless such facts handicap the religions in being a force against gays. As in Nazi Germany, the Thule society and the Theosophy Society were the on fore in inventing and propagating new and often shiny ideas : secularly spiritual and social but bizarre ideologies similar character was played by the Theosophy Society and Roman Fabian society in UK in spreading new ideas like Socialism, Communism, Liberalism, (deep indoctrination with the deeply holdable believes), Similar techniques of indoctrination, brainwashing and mass-motivation have been used by the ideological patrons of homosexuality and gay-marrriage as are the.ideological brainwashing, or indoctrination on the pretext of new ideas, modern philosophies, new social systen, new cultural values ….

    Each Catholic Church Parish serves not only a religious, political centre but alos as spiritual feudal cantre with the locally organized crime which is then affiliated to the national syndicate of crimes and then to Vatican and the Italina Mafia. It is of interest that Catholic Church never spoke against pedophilia or the homosexuality in priests and Vatican bank has been found to be laundering Mafia money.) Similar is the case, in general, about other established religions.

    On the other hand, most people are impressed and motivated by the shiny slogans of Civilization, Renaissance, Enlightenment, Rationalism, Liberalism, Secularism. Human Rights, Humanism, Sciences, Technology etc.Therefore I propose the slogans and organization under the titles of : Civilization : Renaissance, Enlightenment, Rationalism, Liberalism, Freethinking, Agnosticism, Skepticism, Secularism. Human Rights, humanism, Sciences, Technology Humanism, Common Sense etc. as the forums to oppose to peddophilia, homosexuality, gay marriage etc. However, superficial and rgullible, as thes people become more intelligent and rational they care less for medieval, dogmatic theology of preachers and more fo the trendyr logic of speakers.
    The way seems to be that either the people, religious or non-religious, join such organizations in their localities or at the regional, provincial or national levels, make thier voices heard, contest and change the policies od such organizations and ideiologies abour homosexuality and gaay marriage ; or such people come forward and make their own parallel organizaions under such titles.
    I have already discussed in the earlier comments as to how the agents of gays infiltrated such organization and how they emotively and structurally expolited such organization. To counter them, we need similar tactics in the least.
    Propaganda Tactics : Youtube programmes, Facebook messages and discussions, Twitter messages and counter-messages ; Websites, blogs, internet interest groups ; voice media like Paltalk, Beyluxe etc. for oral discussions ; school, college, university discussions, articles in papers, magazines :Conference lecture discussion with questions and answers ; attendance at the AGMs of different NGOs, publicity, approach to the MPs and ministers and Lords, letters to editors, working for Human Rights for non-gay dissidents, asylim seekers & immigrants etc.

  11. Journal of medical ethics, I980, 6, 128-129

    Homosexuality and freedom of speech

    R D Catterall Department of Genitourinary Medicine, Middlesex Hospital, London

    Editor’s note : Dr Catterall was the Chairman at a symposium entitled ‘Homosexuality: congenital or acquired?’ organised under the auspices of the London Medical Group in October 1979. He describes here how this symposium was so badly disrupted that the papers by Dr Sidney Crown and Dr Malcolm MacCulloch could not be presented as prepared. These papers will follow Dr Catterall’s introduction.
    Homosexuality has always been a controversial subject
    and still arouses strong feelings, not only among the
    general public, but also among professional people
    including some doctors. However, recent changes in
    attitudes to sex, especially greater tolerance and understanding of various types of sexual activity, have
    encouraged more objective and scientific studies of the
    condition. In many medical schools students have
    opportunities to discuss existing knowledge and to
    obtain clinical experience with patients who come to
    doctors for help and guidance. These changes have
    resulted in a situation where in most medical and scientific circles free and objective discussion of homosexuality is now quite common without dogmatic statements or obvious prejudice.
    Unfortunately this is not always the case in nonmedical
    circles. Throughout the 1970S there has been a
    tendency for a number of homosexual men to advertise
    their sexual orientation and self-proclaimed liberation
    in an aggressive, strident and exhibitionist manner.
    They have often been totally intolerant of those working
    in the field as well as others with a sympathetic and
    understanding attitude to the situation. This has
    resulted in scientific and medical meetings packed by
    noisy demonstrators, whose raucous and vulgar
    behaviour has disrupted scientific discussion and in
    some cases reduced the proceedings to the shouting of
    slogans and compulsive exhibitionist behaviour of a
    totally inappropriate nature.
    On the 23 October 1979, for example, the London
    Medical Group held a symposium entitled ‘Homosexuality: congenital or acquired?’ at The Middlesex Hospital Medical School. There were three speakers, DrM J MacCuloch of Liverpool, Professor Ivor Mills of Cambridge and Dr Sidney Crown of The London
    Hospital, all of whom have made important contributions
    to the understanding of homosexuality. The lecture
    theatre was packed with doctors, medical students,
    nurses, social workers and others, many of whom had travelled considerable distances to hear the speakers and take part in the discussion. Before the meeting started it was obvious that there was a small disruptive element present but it was also clear that the vast majority of the audience had come to listen to the speakers.
    Exhibitionist behaviour
    The first speaker had only just started when a barrage
    Of chanting and shouting of slogans made it difficult for
    the audience to hear. This rapidly deteriorated to the
    shouting of personal abuse at the speakers and the use
    of obscenities. Exhibitionist behaviour spread among
    the minority, who were obviously determined to disrupt
    the meeting, characterised by stylised feminine
    posturing and even undressing at the front of the hall.
    Despite appeals for order and quiet the speakers were
    quite unable to make themselves heard and decided
    that they could not continue with the symposium. I, as
    chairman, therefore, adjourned the meeting. Later an
    informal group of medical students and others met in
    the hall and were able to discuss some aspects of
    homosexuality in a less emotionally charged atmosphere.
    This unfortunate episode resulted in the total disruption
    of the symposium on an important contemporary topic, organised by the London Medical Group, well known for its wide range of lectures on issues raised by the practice of medicine and for its encouragement of the expression of minority views. A small number of determined people planted in the lecture theatre had been able to prevent the vast majority of the audience from hearing about the research work of three
    distinguished physicians and from taking part in discussion afterwards. Unfortunately this is not the first
    time that such activities by similar groups on the same
    subject have interrupted meetings and spoiled the
    quality of the discussion. It is, however, the first time
    that speakers have been prevented from addressing
    their audience and a fundamental freedom has been
    denied them.
    Suppressing free discussion
    In modern society the activities of small groups who
    hold emotionally charged and intolerant opinions on a
    variety of topics can easily disrupt meetings and suppress free discussion. The difference between violence Homosexuality and freedom of speech
    on the football terraces and the disruption of scientific
    meetings of learned societies is not so great that we can
    afford to be complacent about it. The question must be
    asked, why is it difficult, indeed often impossible, to
    discuss homosexuality in public in a quiet, disciplined
    and thoughtful way? Minority groups are often their own worst enemies and their behaviour is frequently counterproductive and damages the public image of their cause. The disrupters themselves often do not have a clear idea as to why they behave in a particular way, nor are their long-term motives always understandable. Homosexual men have achieved a great deal of tolerance and freedom for themselves and their cause is ill-served by the small number of demonstrators who take it upon
    themselves to deny freedom of speech to others.

  12. The post about how homosexual activists disrupt scientific research and impose their own views by bullying and aggression is absolutely right.
    Since that time they have embarked on a programme of rooting out all who don’t support their agenda from political parties and professional bodies. So it is absolutely correct to compare queers to Nazis.
    See this website which has a lot of articles and is regularly updated:-

    Here is another interesting article about how the queers use deliberate propaganda and indoctrinate people:-

  13. @ Hannah. You are totally wrong. It is homosexuals who hate Christians, not the other around. Why? Because they hate morality. Christianity believes in morality, not “gay rights”. The Lord’s Prayer says “Thy will be done” i.e. God’s will.
    Queer rights says “My will be done and to hell with anyone else.” Of course they hate anyone who dares to question this selfish, uncouth creed, and they express their hate in every possible way from verbal abuse to direct action. Homosexuals don’t want to acknowledge that morality exists, so they call it “hate”. They are the bigots and you are a naive person who has fallen from their propaganda.

  14. Well said, Alan. You’ve put your finger on it.

    It is the classic method of persecution to find something that your victim cannot agree to, without losing their identity, and then make it mandatory, and to persecute them for failing to conform. “Just a pinch of incense … what harm can it do?” they jeer.

    Still, we can thank the gaystapo for one thing. The next time the atheists jeer that “you don’t need to be a Christian to be good”, we may point them at this issue and ask how it comes about that only the Christians are resisting this evil? Something that every atheist knew was an evil until a few years ago, and suddenly, conveniently, has forgotten.

  15. How do perverts have a right to adopt children exactly? This is just like that case where rapists who impregnated a 14 year old girls decided to sue for visitation rights when he got out of prison, and it wasn’t laughed out of court like it ought to have been! The world has gone insane! Oh Lord Jesus come quickly!

  16. We finally have someone with enough courage to stand up against the “Gaystapo” in our country. The latest example of this is the disgusting opposition to the new TV movie “My Husband’s NOT GAY”. Even the likes of Robin Williams from the GMA TV show joined the chorus of the “Gaystapo” in calling that TV show Dangerous. GMA claims to support FREE SPEECH, but only if you agree with them. They are no different then the leader of North Korea who attacked SONY for producing the movie “The Interview”. We are slowing losing are Right to FREE SPEECH in the U.S.A. thanks to Barack Obama who led the charge with his “Gay Agenda”.
    Keep up the good work in speaking out against them.

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