Child Abuse By Another Name

“That’s no surprise,” I reckoned when I saw the media headlines. “The Department for Education looks determined to extend its war on normal traditional families, normal healthy parenting and normal innocent children.” And, as I read the stories under the headlines, my heart sank. I was right.

With effect from September 2020 primary school children as young as five must be taught about gay and transgender relationships. And parents’ right to withdraw their children from inappropriate sex education is to be further reduced from the same date.

This is a nightmare of education that borders on child abuse. Only 2% of the UK population self-identify as gay and the Government Equalities Office reckons the trans population is under 0.08%. But instead of encouraging young children to relate well together when playing with their toys or chasing each other around the playground, the DfE wants to indoctrinate them with adult concepts about homosexuality and gender dysphoria.

“It’s not about sex,” argued a sex and relationships ‘expert’ who I debated on RT tv. “It’s about children accepting that today families come in different forms.”

“Really?” I replied. “It’s on the tin. The clue is in the name: homo-sex-ual.” It’s about same-sex sexual relationships. And teaching primary school children about homosexual relationships and about people changing their sex must inevitably sexualise them out of their childhood innocence.

Mind you, none of this is new. In 2010 Birmingham City Council sent to every primary school in the city a programme called Challenging Homophobia In Primary Schools (CHIPS). It was a “teaching resource aimed at children from Reception to Year 6” and, as intended, the programme necessarily had to educate the young children about homosexuality in order to then ‘challenge’ them about their supposed ‘homophobia’. Yet Reception children can be as young as four.

CHIPS was simply pro-gay propaganda, disguised as an anti-bullying programme, that was clearly intended to sexualise pre-pubescent children and promote homosexuality among them.

The Secretary of State for Education claims his new SRE regulations have a very different purpose. “They are mainly about teaching children kindness,” he is reported to have told a radio audience yesterday. If so, he cannot wonder why the public think politicians are liars and untrustworthy.

But all is not lost. As often, UKIP comes to the rescue. Every UKIP manifesto, from the much-lauded 2015 general election manifesto to Gerard Batten’s Interim Manifesto published last September, has pledged to completely ban sex/LGBT education in primary schools.

It’s yet another reason why UKIP is called the common sense party with common sense policies.

This article was first published by Kipper Central on 26th February

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