A New Day Dawns

It was an off-the-Richter-scale earthquake, followed by an even bigger – because American – aftershock. Brexit, followed by Brexit plus plus plus. History before our eyes.

farage_trumpWhen it comes to forcing new realities upon disconnected political elites, Donald Trump’s election victory in the US is the biggest thing since 9/11 and Nigel Farage’s Brexit victory in the UK is bigger even than the 1956 Suez debacle.

For decades politically-correct liberals – of all parties – have succeeded in every skirmish and won every battle in the culture wars. They’ve established their hegemony and new morality right across the institutions.

They’ve done this so effectively that, when it came to the highpoint of trendy right-on progressive gestures, gay marriage, they were able to impose it on society without electoral mandate, popular support or, in the UK, statutory consultation or proper debate.

But almost single-handed, the two unashamed unapologetic older straight white males have taken on the political establishments, said the unsayable, spoken for the sidelined masses, and won.

The shock-waves will reverberate for years. The elite will fight back of course and no doubt win some battles. But the lights have come on, the tide has turned and the hypocrisy, shallowness and manipulation of the politically-correct has been exposed for what it is.

One benefit is that freedom of speech is being restored. free-speech-voltaireThe abusive language through which the liberal elite controlled discourse and confined debate, has been shown, in the event, to be so overused and misapplied as to be rendered powerless. ‘Racist’, ‘fascist’, ‘misogynist’, ‘homophobe’, ‘Islamophobe’, ‘hate-fuelled’, ‘bigot’, ‘prejudiced’, ‘uneducated’, ‘narrow-minded’ – the list of insults intended to shut down discussion and cast outsiders back into outer darkness is endless.

But now thanks to Farage and Trump these epithets are bouncing off like Teflon and have little effect, at least amongst the electorate. Indeed they are becoming a badge of honour and success.

“UKIP are closet racists,” railed David Cameron. He’s gone, thanks to Farage.

“Love Trumps hate,” campaigned  Hillary Clinton. She’s gone too, thanks to Trump.

Not just powerless and a badge of honour, but hypocritical as well. The poisonous post-referendum torrent of social media bile towards Brexit voters was a vivid illustration of metropolitan Europhiles’ authoritarian intolerance and rejection of ordinary patriotic Brits’ majority decision. Liberal, open-minded and charitable they are not.

geldof-on-boatLuvvy Bob Geldof is a well-heeled millionaire from southern Ireland. His invective and visible loathing for out-of-work fishermen from English east coast ports whose livelihoods have been destroyed by the EU, rivalled Labour MP Emily Thornberry’s famous tweet for contempt and condescension.

And furious feminist Grace Dent’s anti-Trump anti-men tirade – published centre-page in a self-described ‘concise quality newspaper’ and complete with expletives – is a public window on her partisan soul.

So the liberal elites’ emperor is wearing no benevolent tolerant clothes after all, and their fangs have now been pulled by Farage and Trump. While they rant and rave in protest, a new day of freedom to discuss real issues has dawned for the rest of us.

During the passing of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act in 2013, doubters were intimidated into silence by Peter Tatchell of OutRage! who claimed across the media that anyone who opposed gay marriage (which then included Nigel Farage and UKIP of course) was “homophobic”. Ben Summerskill, then CEO of Stonewall, merely damned us as “bigots”.

However, following Brexit and Brexit plus plus plus, and embracing this new freedom of speech, I’d like to see the gay marriage debate reopened:

There is now credible peer-reviewed evidence  that same-sex parenting is damaging to children compared with that of still-married heterosexual biological parents.

There is credible evidence too that sexuality is fluid, orientation is not fixed from birth and therefore people are not necessarily ‘born gay’ – the claim that was the central plank of gay marriage campaigners’ platform.

Also, since the legislation was passed in 2013, the prestigious but liberal Royal College of Psychiatry has been forced by the facts to concede that “post-natal environmental factors” at least partly determine sexual orientation.

In the light of this and for the sake of our children, I personally reckon we should resurrect the gay marriage debate and consider repealing the same sex marriage Act.

And if this means that the gay Tory LBC Radio presenter Iain Dale yet again abuses his position and calls me a homophobic bigot on air, it doesn’t matter. He is yesterday and on the wrong side of history.

4 thoughts on “A New Day Dawns

  1. Brilliant piece Alan. What a clarion call to all those who feel threatened by the politically correct sexual anarchists to stand up to them and face them down.

  2. I don’t think I have ever in my life seen so many uses of ‘liberal’ and ‘elite’ (as well as more than one ‘politically correct’, naturally) in a single not-particularly-long blog entry.
    Using language that becomes ‘so overused and misapplied as to be rendered powerless’ works both ways.

  3. Tribalism in politics has to stop if the country is going to come together.

    Labels and stereotypes have become weapons of division.

    Labels like ‘Remoaner’, ‘Britard’, ‘Liberal Elite’, ‘Nazi’ actively preventing people with differing views from starting any meaningful dialogue which will only take us further down a very dangerous path.

    KJV – Mark 3:24-26 – And if a kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand.

    1992 after the break up of communism, Yugoslavia descended rapidly into War and genocide along Tribal lines.

    Rwanda several years later also descended into War and genocide, again because the Hutu’s considered the Tutsi’s to be wealthier.

    In both cases the people were not biological different but friends and neighbours that started killing one another because of different beliefs, the most shocking incidents were even people from the same families killed one another, even innocent babies. Do not believe for a moment this couldn’t happen here, it can, because Bosnians, Serbians, Tutsi and Hutu’s and us are the same animal, we are all human and we think in the same ways.

    History has warned us it only serves us well to really actively listen to each other, for example why do lots of people really desperately want to stay in the EU? Is this really understood by us? Why aren’t we listening to them? Are we afraid we may hear something that may make us change our minds? If so, isn’t this really a good thing?

    It’s because people weren’t listen to is why UKIP was created in the first place and why we shouldn’t fall into the same trap ourselves now, we are smarter than that.

    Have we explained that UKIP is about peaceful orderly change? Where people are listened to and equally respected no matter how they identify themselves?

    The new vision for our country and our world must be united, empathetic and a responsible one where we come together.

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