The Greek Tragedy Of Suzanne Evans

Her political descent has been a tragedy.

A year ago Suzanne Evans was riding high in UKIP. Appointed deputy chairman of the party, she was widely applauded for producing the party’s best-ever manifesto for the May 2015 general election and was seen by many as the next leader. Indeed Nigel Farage recommended her for interim leader after he resigned following his defeat at South Thanet.SuzanneEvans

But ten weeks ago Suzanne was sacked as deputy chairman and four weeks later suspended from the party for six months. As a result, she was dropped from the party’s London-wide list of candidates for yesterday’s London Assembly elections.

Since then she has become a minor celebrity both as a surprisingly inert panellist on the quick-witted BBC TV show Have I Got A Bit More News For You  and as a participant in a women-only debate on the EU organised by the feminist Fawcett Society.

However, despite her disputed claim that she is still UKIP’s Parliamentary spokesperson (she is spokesperson only for UKIP’s sole and semi-detached representative in the House of Commons Douglas Carswell; she is not authorised to speak for the three UKIP peers in the House of Lords) and her stated hope that she still has a future in UKIP, her return to the party fold must be in severe doubt.

And I was an unwitting participant in her downfall.

In a recent post I wrote how, back in February after I had been selected as a UKIP candidate for the GLA elections that took place yesterday, my defeated opponent, gay activist and lawyer Richard Hendron, rushed off to the anti-UKIP Pink News to complain that I was a “vile nasty homophobic individual”. He resigned from the party too with the maximum of noise and self-publicity.

mad-doctorWithin hours fellow UKIP gay activist Richard Hilton set up a public petition accusing me of being “an outspoken homophobe who has addressed ‘gay cure’ meetings” (I haven’t) and demanding that I should be removed from UKIP’s list of approved candidates.

The next day Pink News too commenced a series of hostile and inaccurate articles claiming that I believe in ‘gay cure’ (I don’t) and that I have compared gays to Nazis (I haven’t).

Suzanne was still deputy chairman of the party at the time so it was astonishing that she immediately joined the baying herd. She tweeted excitedly that she had signed Hilton’s petition. She informed the twittersphere that “Alan Craig’s views have no place in @UKIP” and commented on the petition website that, by choosing me as a candidate, the party’s selection process “has clearly failed”.

I immediately emailed her suggesting that, as a matter of courtesy let alone party protocol, she should contact me before publicly criticising both my selection and me. There was no reply. Instead the same day she gave an exclusive interview to Pink News  . She told them she was confident that I would not remain a candidate.

The next day I emailed her again, asking what evidence she had to back up her statement that there had been a “failure in the party’s selection process.” Again, no reply.

Two weeks later she was sacked as deputy chairman.

A month after that, following a disciplinary hearing of UKIP’s National Executive Committee, she was suspended from the party. The NEC cited as the reason a complaint that she had “publicly criticised a fellow candidate in breach of party rules”.

squarepegIn an attempt to prevent her suspension, Suzanne sought an injunction in the High Court. Acting on her behalf was, yes, the same Richard Hendron. In the documents presented by Hendron to the court Suzanne repeated the Pink News falsehood that I have compared gays to Nazis. She also claimed that she publicly signed Richard Hilton’s petition because she “did not agree with Mr Craig’s stance on ‘gay cures’ for homosexual people” – a stance about which clearly she had no knowledge except what the hopelessly biased, unreliable and foolish Hendron-Hilton-Pink News faction had told her.

The High Court rejected her application. Her suspension went ahead.

Of course there were many bigger factors leading to Suzanne’s downfall including her perceived lack of loyalty to Nigel Farage. But it seems her unfounded public criticism of me was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Certainly it was the trigger for her suspension.

Janice-Liu-AntigoneIn Greek tragedies the demise of the hero is often self-inflicted. In her rush to censure me and her zeal to climb aboard the shrill Hendron-Hilton-GayNews bandwagon, Suzanne didn’t check the facts. She didn’t restrain herself from knee-jerk public criticism of a fellow party candidate and the party’s selection process. Nor did she demonstrate the discretion and adherence to party protocol expected of a deputy chairman.

She also lacked judgement. She leant on broken reeds; she relied on her unreliable friends.

In the end she brought her demise down on her own head.

It was a tragic waste of talent.

10 thoughts on “The Greek Tragedy Of Suzanne Evans

  1. It makes me wonder how this tragedy will end. Will Suzanne just pine away or lose her voice like sad Echo becoming a rock able only to bounce back the last word she heard.

  2. She is still at it. On her twitter account she retweeted a video where Nigel denies he sacked her. No comment from her about the tweet which suggests to me she thinks he is lying.
    Is she really that dumb?

  3. What i find extremely distasteful and damaging is that Suzanne continues up until now to draw in other members of UKIP ( #teamsuzanne #teamCarswell #teamO’Flynn) to blacken Nigel’s name. So many of loyal members have been abused verbally on twitter.

  4. Yes she was very talented, but I think 3 main political parties falling to cultural Marxism is enough. I hope UKIP make it abundantly clear that correctnicks are as welcome in UKIP as racists, or any sort of bigot, then, it would not just be a party about leaving the EU, it would be a party about defending British democracy in or out of the EU. If the Hon Douglas Carswell MP has retained her as his spokesman even after her rank bigotry on behalf of the Gaystapo (you’re right, that is not saying homosexuals per se are Nazis), then he has fallen short of his otherwise very high standards. I must admit, when I read about her role in raising objections to your party selection, I did wonder how such a person could justify her position, and now we have the answer. Welcome news.

  5. This whole affair of Ms. Evans has disturbed me and I wonder if Items 6.41.1 and 2, (unusual ones in that I have never seen them in other Constitutions), were the petrol that fueled the fire.

    I work on the premise that the spoken or written words of the head of any organisation are meant to mean what they are commonly understood to mean.

  6. It very sad when people such as the lady in question,turns out to be disloyal and petty, and shares it all on the social media……UKIP or any other party would suffer in the long therm with someone that cannot be trusted and is to into themselves for that mAtter ….shame

  7. Shows just how much of the ‘liberal white metropolitan elite’ type of views are still entrenched amongst politicians…

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