C’mon Nigel, It’s Your Churchill Moment

We’ve been here before of course. The UK is facing an existential threat from a corrupt unelected assertive Imperium from across the Channel chamberlainand we have been landed with an appeasing invertebrate weasel occupying the prime minister’s residence in Downing Street.

The huge difference this time is that, in a magisterial act of betrayal that could only be perpetrated by a certain type of Philby-esque former public school boy, the occupant of 10 Downing Street and his establishment friends are the ones who are training their guns on us.

Night after night the Biased Broadcasting Corporation bombards us with pro-EU and Remain stories and highlights the latest salvo orchestrated and fired by prime minister’s heavy weaponry:career children elite figures from the military, the scientific community, the arts and media, academia and FTSE 100 companies are obediently paraded across BBC airwaves to trot out Pavlov platitudes about the supposed benefits of remaining in the EU.

Next door in No 11 the Chancellor of the Exchequer moves the beads around on his abacus and expects us to believe his forecast that each household will be £4,300 worse off if we leave the EU. Really, George? abacusIs this one similar to your previous economic forecasts? So why not £14,300? Or £144,300?

And together these two architects of austerity Britain lavish £9m of our money on a glossy pro-EU propaganda publication that is dumped unsolicited on every home.

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it,” someone nasty said once. That’s certainly the hope of the Quisling boys in Downing Street.

Then last week weasel turned poodle; the prime minster hosted the president of the United States at Downing Street and asked him to do battle on behalf of the Remain campaign. poodle-groomingCameron stood smilingly obsequious beside the presidential podium while his friend Barak Obama instructed us with threats to surrender our sovereignty to Brussels and to become a sort of Michigan in a United States of Europe.

Followed by similar stuff from Hillary Clinton, there is no doubt this was a US Exorcet that hammered at the heart of the Leave campaign, and it hurt. An acquaintance tweeted that he has never harboured a scintilla of anti-US feeling in his life, until now. I was reminded of the Duke of Wellington’s comment at the height of the Battle of Waterloo; “Hard pounding this, gentlemen,” he exclaimed as Napoleon’s cannon ripped into the British troops.

Many Leave troops are struggling from the onslaught of Cameron’s guest and the official Vote Leave leadership seem to have been battered into silence or, like London mayor Boris Johnson, into squawking impotence. Although some believe Obama’s intervention in UK domestic affairs will boomerang back on the Remain campaign, the president was strong in challenging Leave arguments – and also in making clear that the ‘special relationship’ between the US and UK is a dead letter and not worth the paper it was never written on. True friends don’t publicly threaten each other.

But we Leavers have two key factors in our favour:

First, timing is everything and Cameron may have fired his heaviest guns too early. There are still two months to go until Referendum Day and a week is a long time in politics.

Second, there are not many people who single-handedly have changed the national agenda and turned political tides, but Nigel Farage is one.

nigel_farageWith focus, courage and a thick skin, for twenty years Nigel has toured the country promoting the benefits of leaving the EU. Dismissed by many including Cameron as a fruit cake, nutter and worse, he has sung his song and made the strong case for Brexit. Slowly the tide has turned in his favour until the prime minister, who a few years ago instructed the Tory Party to “stop banging on about Europe”, has been forced to hold a referendum and to bang on about Europe almost full-time.

Now, post-Obama, we must urge Nigel to step up to the plate and raise his game even further. He must take the lead to raise morale amongst Leave grassroots campaigners, to constrain the squabbling Leave factions,winston_churchill with cigar to re-frame the Brexit arguments, to set a fresh campaign direction, and to hold aloft the vision of a sovereign independent Britain that together we can achieve once again.

No one else can do it.

Nigel, it’s your Churchill moment to Speak for England and save the nation.

We’re right there with you.

7 thoughts on “C’mon Nigel, It’s Your Churchill Moment

  1. Absolutely Alan.

    We need Nigel, we have always needed Nigel. The Conservatives are too scared too bullied and too downtrodden by their party to think clearly or stand strong under ‘heavy bombardment’. UKIP should always have been leading this campaign and we have been pushed behind the curtain. It is high time we came out !


  2. Well done Alan. Another eviscerating thrust at the Remain gang and it’s supporters.
    It’s interesting that Obama and that creature Clinton have a lot to say (mindful only of the USA’s interests) but very little input from any Commonwealth Heads of State on the issues. Never mind, Obama will be gone in a few months and is a spent force

  3. I’m wondering whether in hindsight you might regret going so far as to describe the Prime Minister and his Chancellor as “Quislings”? A bit strong? I’m far from Blighty’s shores in Spain, so I’ll take your word for it that the BBC is doing it’s usual anti-Charter ‘thang’ in skewing the debate in ‘Ministry of Truth’ style, for a change on behalf of a Tory Prime Minister instead of against him.

    This article in the Mail by General Sir Michael Jackson very much echoed my own thinking and swayed me towards a ‘Remain’ vote, until reading the next day that the Prime Minister wants Turkey to join the EU decisively swung my vote in favour of ‘Leave’. Turkey’s entry into the EU under the proto-tyrant Erdogan will open the floodgates of jihad against us. It should be enough to focus the minds of any wavering voters. If anyone thinks President Obama has anything to teach us, ISIS would not have happened under the watch of a competent Commander-in-Chief.


  4. Agree completely re Nigel Farage. He should be the front runner as no one can put the anti EU case better than he. Let us hope that gullible ‘Joe Public’ will not swallow the vile propaganda that’s been thrown at us by the desperate establishment.

  5. @Naomi King – Brilliant indeed. Whatever semantics can be applied to the direction Erdogan is taking Turkey, it is completely incompatible with membership of a democratic bloc of nations. I think imminent Turkish admission to the EU and the Prime Minister’s support of it should be a main plank of argument for ‘Leave’. But then again, if you look at the reaction to the justified warnings Zac Goldsmith made about Sadiq Khan and the *Daily Mail* actually campaigning for the release of a patent Al Qa’eda jihadist like Shakar Amar, it could be argued that the public mind is so lobotomised it could be counter-productive.

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