Sack Revd Giles Fraser – For Christ’s Sake

In my previous post  I told how I have applied to join UKIP. This simple democratic act seems to have caused some fluttering in some dovecotes.

I was contacted by a self-styled ‘business reporter’ from the HuffPost, left-liberals’ right-on answer to the Daily Express, who in his subsequent piece avoided business issues and instead attempted to generate a media puff by citing my three-year-old bullseye post about the gaystapo and claiming that my application had “sparked fury on Twitter”. ukip badgesFortunately UKIP would have none of it and dismissed this with the comment that the party is “very wary of joining in a witch-hunt against somebody who holds those views that the vast majority of the world would also hold” – which explains why UKIP is the popular and rising power in the land.

Another anti-UKIP political weblog, the gay-run PinkNews, also tried to climb on board but in its article it paid me the compliment of accurately quoting at length my views about gay marriage taken from two posts on this blog. I’m grateful for the further coverage.

And down amongst the minnows, here in east London a parochial blog called ran the unimaginative headline ‘Alan Craig gets kippered’. It claimed that I have always been a bit mad and that I am not really that much of a Christian at all. “Just as Nigel Farage is a bigot who dresses his nasty prejudices up as ‘common sense’, Craig dresses his up in scripture and calls them religious convictions,” it snarled, desperately trying to create some local froth. But I don’t think Forest Gate was listening…

In the previous post ‘Matthew Parris’ Poison’, I highlighted a sniffy article by Times columnist Matthew Parris about Clacton and its residents (“Ten tattoo parlours, no Waterstones”) as a prime example of why UKIP is so popular, coming as it did right from the heart of the out-of-touch metropolitan political class where Matthew Parris resides. I now have another example, but this time from the Guardian:

Rev Giles FraserIn his day job The Revd Canon Giles Fraser was, until 2011, Canon Chancellor of St Paul’s Cathedral. He is now parish priest at St Mary’s Newington just a few streets from Lambeth Palace, London home of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

The Revd Giles also has a regular Saturday column in the Guardian. Earlier this month he turned his attention to UKIP in a piece headlined “Jesus wasn’t much taken with biological kith and kin – he said we’re all one family”.

For three paragraphs he paraded his professional compassion for a struggling parishioner – whereby, as Christ said, he like the hypocrites has received his reward in full. Then Canon Giles turned his journalistic cannons onto UKIP and, grandstanding for his Guardian readers, pigeonholed UKIP-supporting fellow citizens with a loathing and poison that out-Parrised Parris.

“I despise them (my italics),” he sneered sanctimoniously. “I despise them for their Little England mentality (my italics). I despise them for their total absence (my italics) of fellow-feeling towards vulnerable people who look and sound different. I despise them for the way they scapegoat (my italics) immigrants and whip up (my italics) the resentment of white working class. IDespiseYouBut I especially despise them (my italics) for the way they dress all this up (my italics) as the protection of something they call Christian England.”

This is such inaccurate dishonest hate-fuelled stereotyping that it is a parody of itself. Indeed the article would be laughable if it didn’t come from an establishment figure of the national church. As it is, it is unbelievable and unfair. “Physician, heal thyself,” Jesus might chide him for his inflammatory bigotry. “Take the log out of your own eye.”

The Lord also might remind him that it is not an option for a Christian, especially a Christian minister, to despise anyone whatever their views. “Love your neighbour” and “Love your enemy” are foundational for all Christ’s followers.

Justin WelbyAnd if he doesn’t want to follow Jesus, the Revd Giles should at least listen to his boss just down the road at Lambeth Palace. “The language we use must reflect the value of the human being,” said  Archbishop Justin Welby, rightly, about the recent immigration debate.

By ramping up his language and displaying his bigotry across the columns of the Guardian, the former Canon Chancellor of St Paul’s Cathedral works wonders for UKIP, just like Matthew Parris. But I’m not sure that’s what he intends. And I’m not sure heaven smiles on his article either.

If he continues to write such bile, for UKIP’s sake the Guardian should give him more frequent space and more column inches.

But for Christ’s sake the Archbishop should sack him from the church.

5 thoughts on “Sack Revd Giles Fraser – For Christ’s Sake

  1. Alan,

    I’m pleased you noticed my blog, down among the minnows.

    But it’s disappointing that you didn’t link to, or respond to, my subsequent post about all of the Christian Peoples Alliance policies you have obviously now abandoned in your march to the hard Right.

    Here’s the link:

    I am sure that your regular readers would love to hear what you have to say about it.

  2. Whatever does Martin Warne imagine he means by the “hard Right”? Does he think that it is a crime for an country to simply govern itself? If so, then the Scottish Nationalists and Welsh Nationalists must also be bracketted as “hard Right”. Does he think that UKIP’s tax policy is wicked? Then he will have a hard time explaining why the Conservatives, Libdems and even Labour have all copied it. Raising tax thresholds was in the UKIP manifesto in 2010 and in the one before that. Does he think that the EU is some sort of Communist organisation? If so then he will find it hard to explain why Harold Wilson, Tony Benn and Bob Crow all steadfastly opposed it. It was a Conservative government that took us in.
    Which Christian Alliance policy exactly has Alan Craig abandoned?
    The poor and vulnerable have not benefitted from our EU membership. Pensioners are suffering, health services have been cut, wages are depressed, state schools are overcrowded, housing is unaffordable, the cost of transport is rising steadily. And all the government offers is the trash of “gay” marriage.

  3. LagerLout,

    You obviously haven’t read the post I linked to in my previous comment.

    Here’s a couple of examples of CPA policies Alan appears to have abandoned:

    – “The CPA will enforce the provisions of the [EU] Working Time Directive, which prevents working in excess of 48 hours per week. We will end the UK’s opt out option.”

    – “[Asylum] applicants will be treated as if they were British citizens with full access to state support and the right to work.”

    There are many others. I have invited Alan to respond, but he has thus far declined.

  4. One can only rejoice that Mr Craig has freed himself from the collective responsibility of CPA leadership. There is nothing at all inherently Christian about the CPA programme. In fact, in the opinion of this Christian, it’s a good example of cowed Christians producing soft-left mush to appease the new age fascism of Political Correctness, of being deceived by Satan appearing as an ‘angel of light’.

    I’ve got my misgivings about UKIP, but will watch Alan Craig’s progress with interest.

    Lastly Martin, from the pettiness of your sniping, I got the impression you have something personal against Mr Craig?

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