What’s The Difference?

Pakistani fundamentalists are at it again. Jamaat ud Dawa demoTheir favourite sport is threatening and menacing the vulnerable minority Christians, sometimes to the point of summarily executing them in cold blood (here).

This time it’s a young man in Lahore, Adnan Masih, who, while bored at work last month, wrote amendments in a book about the Bible and the Quran (here). His Muslim workmate shopped him to the police for defiling the Quran and defaming Islam’s prophet under Pakistan’ notorious blasphemy laws. He also informed the banned extremist group, Jamaat ud Dawah.

Rightly fearing for his life Masih went into hiding. Soon a bearded JuD mob was gathering outside the local police station. “The police had better arrest the blasphemer and hand him over to us,” demanded the group’s spokesman Hafiz Abdul Malik. “How dare someone use derogatory language about our beloved Prophet?” The protestors met every day to clamour for Masih’s arrest.

Last week hardline UK gay activists were at it too.

Valery Gergiev is a leading Russian conductor, musical reformer (here) and friend of Vladimir Putin. In London to conduct the London Symphony Orchestra for a series of works by Berlioz, the musician was compelled to issue a statement about his attitude to gay issues: “I do not discriminate against anyone, gay or otherwise, and never have done…

“It is wrong to suggest that I have ever supported anti-gay legislation and in all my work I have upheld equal rights for all people. I am an artist and have for over three decades worked with tens of thousands of people in dozens of countries from all walks of life and many of them are indeed my friends.

“I collaborate with and support all my colleagues in the endeavour for music and art. This is my focus as a conductor, musician (and) artist…”  (here).

Tatchell demoThis of course is not good enough for UK gay activists who brook no compromise, take no prisoners and delight in humiliating anyone who, they judge, doesn’t submit to their gay demands. Last Thursday Peter Tatchell and friends protested loudly outside the Barbican concert hall in order to hound and harass Gergiev. “He’s a friend of Putin,” thundered Tatchell. “He must suffer public condemnation. He must face the music.” (here).

So, spot the difference between the Lahore police station last month and the Barbican concert hall last week. The bullying and venom is the same. The nauseating hardline intolerance is the same. The claim to be judge and jury and the refusal to give any credence to the selected defendant is the same.

And, while it is true that the protestors didn’t threaten death at the media-driven event outside the Barbican, away from the spotlight gay activists in the UK are as up for criminal violence as any turbaned Muslim militant, as both the gentle unassuming B&B owners Peter and Hazelmary Bull (here) and our reasonable reasoned GayMarriageNoThanks campaign (here) have discovered to our cost.Jamaatuddawa-banner

gay-flagBullying and barbarism are not the sole prerogative of Islamic fundamentalists.

One thought on “What’s The Difference?

  1. A transparent piece of faulty equivalentising.

    In many countries in the world gay people are still imprisoned and even executed by intolerant religious regimes – Mainly Muslim but in some cases Christian.

    By contrast, nowhere outside of your imagination are people like Peter Tatchell, having Christians executed or jailed anywhere in the world.

    You ought to be ashamed of your scapegoating of a group in society whom Christians,a mong other religious groups, have done so much to persecute and even kill over the centuries. You are not the victims here, Alan. You are merely the less-powerful-than-you-were bully.

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