“Won’t Somebody Please Think Of The Children?”

OurGreatLeaderIn politics as in life, there are people, events and opinions expressed that stop you in your tracks. David Cameron’s betrayal of basic conservative marriage-and-family principles at the October 2011 Tory party conference was one such. In words written for him, significantly, by Peter Tatchell (here) the prime minister claimed he now supported same-sex marriage ‘because I’m a Conservative’ (here).

I am not a Conservative Party supporter but I reached for the sick bucket. As a Christian Democrat I count myself a natural social conservative so my fury at Cameron’s slick perfidy knew no bounds. I was stung to write my most satisfying piece on the issue so far, ‘Confronting the Gaystapo’ (here), in which I compared Cameron in 2011 to Chamberlain in 1938.

Some thought the piece was OTT but I don’t. The man plans to redefine and wreck the precious gift of marriage that has been quietly handed down through the generations. Loyalty, faithfulness and marital stability will be jettisoned by his same-sex marriage Bill in order to accommodate gay marriage values (here), and so the secure home for sacrificial parenting and safe nurture of our offspring will be irreparably undermined. “Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad,” is the ancient Greek proverb that aptly sums up the cultural suicide contained in the Bill. The foundational building-block of our society and civilisation is being demolished by a detached deluded government. “Professing to be wise, they became fools,” is how the New Testament explains it.

If the Bill becomes law expect the national budget for children’s, youth and police services to soar; the state will be forced to take over provision for an increasingly unstable and insecure younger generation on our streets, created by parents who, thanks to the prime minster and Baroness Stowell (here), will have been encouraged by Act of Parliament to pursue multiple sexual relationships and ‘open’ marriages.

TraditionalMr&MrsMaybe the in-your-face stupidity of the Bill might be brought home to Cameron if SamCam announced over breakfast one morning that she wants to be more modern and have an open marriage and that in line with his government’s new legislation she plans to have an affair with the milkman and/or her beautician. I wish it on no-one including David Cameron, but he would come face-to-face with the destructive effects of his Bill and her philandering on their three young children.

I was similarly stopped in my tracks two weeks ago when the House of Lords vote on their Second Reading of the Bill was announced. Pro-marriage supporters had been trounced in the House of Commons but, we had been informed by our campaign leaders, it would be different in the Lords where there is much more opposition to the same-sex marriage Bill. Well, they were wrong, utterly wrong. The vote in favour of the Bill was as overwhelming as the vote in the Commons. It was disturbing and distressing.

Layout 1Some Anglican Mainstream (here) colleagues and I decided that until then we had been culpably quiet. We had left the public argument to others and, in the face of overwhelming media and elitist bias, there had been almost no national discussion, no setting out the arguments against same-sex marriage. In particular the wellbeing of children, who are at the heart of marriage for most people, had been ignored while adult interests about ‘equality’ and religious conscience dominated the limited debate. It was late in the day but we decided we must start debate about children.

First we raised the required funds from friends and supporters and on 10th June took a half-page advert in The Times, entitled ‘Ten good reasons why the House of Lords should say No to the same-sex marriage Bill.’ The reasons majored primarily on the wellbeing of children. You can find them on our associated website, GayMarriageNoThanks.com (here), which we launched at the same time.

Layout 1Our next step is to take billboard space across London ahead of the Bill’s Report Stage in the House of Lords on 8th July. Again we plan to promote debate about the wellbeing and interests of children – typified by ‘Sophie’ in the posters – against the depredations of Cameron’s legislation. If you would like to contribute to the cost of the billboards and the fighting fund, go to the ‘Donate’ button on the website (here). Many thanks. HelenLovejoyfromTheSimpsons


3 thoughts on ““Won’t Somebody Please Think Of The Children?”

  1. Dear Alan (If I may!).
    Christian greetings. I write to thank you for your article which I have just read on Anglican Mainstream website. Many thanks for your outspoken comments and for your stand for real family values as based and expressed so fully in Scripture. I also read your article ‘Confronting The Gaystapo’, and no, I do not think it was OTT for a moment, and
    I echo your your closing words:
    “There is a season and a time for everything under the sun. For Christians, the season of appeasement, fear and cowering in the corner is over. “Whom shall I send,” said the Lord, “and who will go for us?”

    Like many other Christians I am adamantly opposed to Mr Cameron’s “equal marriage” policy and have told him and the so called “culture Secretary” personally, as well as E mailing literally hundreds of MPs and Peers on the matter.
    There are, one hopes, many other Christians who view this issue as you do, and that there can never be any compromise with either the government (of whatever stripe), the “gaystapo”, or with the secular liberal agenda all of which seek to destroy real marriage and the foundational family unit.
    Although I am not an Anglican, I believe AM are doing a great job in opposing and exposing the lie of “gay marriage” so resolutely.

    May I draw your attention to a similar warning penned in similarly strong terms, if you have not already seen it, namely, David Kupelian’s book: ‘The Marketing of Evil- How Radicals, Elitists and Pseudo-Experts Sell us Corruption disguised as Freedom.

    I wonder if you have considered the position of Her Majesty the Queen in all of this? As I understand the constitutional situation this Bill faces her with perhaps the greatest challenge of her reign, and the prospect of a constitutional crisis if HMQ gives the Royal Assent, having been “deceived in her grant” by the deceitful wiles of politicians bent on achieving their objective at all costs.

    I recently wrote to the new Archbishop Welby on this point and await his reply. (as below for your interest)
    Thank you once again for your spirited and principled stand on this issue. Psalm 33:10,11.
    Graham Wood (York)

    Dear Archbishop Welby.

    Same Sex “marriage”

    I write about the current Marriage Bill which as you know is being debated in the House of Lords, and in particular the position of Her majesty the Queen’s requirement to grant the Royal Assent once it has completed its passage through both Houses.
    Notwithstanding the many amendments to the Bill the substance of it will remain in that the Christian institution of marriage will be redefined to allow same-sex couples to legally marry. This would be an unprecedented move alien to the law of God and clear Christian teaching about the nature of marriage, as well as the traditional teaching held by the Church of England and all other main-line churches in the UK for centuries.
    However, you will know too that Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali, former Bishop of Rochester has, I believe rightly, asserted that signing into law an act allowing same-sex couples to marry would directly contravene both the spirit and letter of Her Majesty’s Coronation oath made before God and the people in 1953. He said: “Christians are told in the Bible to obey their rulers, unless the ruler tells us to do something God forbids.. . . . .happily in this country we have a monarchy that has taken an oath of upholding God’s laws, and the present Queen has for years been faithful to that. We are praying that she continues to be faithful”.

    Whilst the Sovereign normally acts upon the advice of her ministers, such advice cannot be offered or acted upon if contrary to the Constitution and her Coronation Oath. The Bishop continued, “that puts the onus on the Prime Minister not to put the Queen into a position where she may have to go against the sovereign promises she has made. We hope that she is not put in that position”.

    I write to ask whether you as Primate have formally advised her Majesty on this matter, or extended such advice to Mr Cameron on the implications of giving the Royal Assent to this Bill under these circumstances. I would be grateful for your comments.

    Yours sincerely

    Mr Graham Wood.

  2. If the Telegraph report on Archibishop Welby’s address to Synod is true – and His Grace’s words certainly gave every indication of it – the Archbishop of Canterbury is going to give the homohate group Stonewall access to one million schoolchildren.

    The question may well be asked, what’s the difference between promoting homosexuality and grooming schoolboys?

    The predilection for paedophilia amongst homosexuals is vastly higher than amongst heterosexuals, but the fact is when it comes to the totalitarian ideology of Political Correctness the ‘paramount interests of the child’ are thrown directly out of the window.

    Clause 28 was brought in precisely because of the fact that looney left council’s like Islington were teaching schoolchildren that homosexuality was normal. We thereafter learnt that precisely because of Islington’s correctnick policies stuffing its child services with homosexuals there was rife child sexual abuse in its ‘care’ homes. The Council leader Margarat Hodge who presided over this state of affairs and smeared the Evening Standard exposé of matters she refused to investigate as “gutter journalism” was of course famously rewarded by Tony Blair with the post of ‘Children’s Minister’.

    Now Britain is Islington writ large. The future is horrifying. What homosexual hate groups like Stonewall (instrumental in repealing Clause 28) clearly demonstrate is that the normalisation of perversion is the harbinger of tyranny.

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