Unnecessary Clumps Of Flesh?

I’ve blogged before about the BPAS abortion centre that opened in Stratford, east London, last year (here) and (here). Now successive vigils by various pro-life groups have provoked a backlash. Fifty pro-abortionists demonstrated outside the centre to condemn what they claim is the “harassment and intimidation of its staff and women seeking advice.” (here).

However their spokeswoman was forced to admit that the pro-life groups have in fact been peaceful, “but we have to be present to stop them getting worse”. So with the evidence against her she flatulently puffed up the story and one-sidedly raised the demo stakes. But she was tilting at windmills.

More regrettable however was the enthusiastic support of three GPs from next-door Tower Hamlets representing that borough’s branch of the British Medical Association and led by one Dr Anna Livingstone. It’s depressing to see society’s salaried life-preservers actively promoting life-destruction. It is a contradiction and an hypocrisy. Whatever happened to the Hippocratic oath?

The Newham Recorder decided to start a debate about the vigils and the BPAS centre, and asked me to contribute a 300 word article. It was a golden opportunity to highlight locally the heartless commercialism of the abortion companies – sisters to the tobacco companies – and the mass-murder of our unborn children, so I published this piece:

A friend called one of the big two private abortion providers to ask about a termination. The first question they asked was for her post code. The second was for her credit card details. 

The abortion companies weep crocodile tears of sympathy for women in a pregnancy crisis but, like tobacco companies, their real interest is in increasing their cash flow and market share. 

So they offer no proper pre-abortion counselling to their vulnerable but valuable clients as this would take time, cost money and lose them business. And they protest loudly against those who insist that women in crisis should be given the space and support required to make a properly informed choice between the different alternatives available – for her unborn baby, for her family, for herself and for their future together. 

Nationally, London has become the abortion capital of Europe and Britain terminates the equivalent of a full primary school of unborn children every single day. It is far worse than a cull; it is a holocaust. We have wiped out almost the entire population of greater London – over 7 million abortions – in less than fifty years. 

We worry about our aging population yet we kill off our kids. Where is the logic let alone the compassion? 

So I welcome the rise in peaceful vigils – and only peaceful vigils – outside abortion centres like BPAS in Stratford. I have taken part in them there myself. 

Some, like Abort67, silently display pictures of aborted babies’ bloodied body-parts which, like the graphic images of throat cancer on cigarette packets, are intended to show clients and passers-by the shocking human cost of abortion and to urge a different way. 

Others like Helpers of God’s Precious Infants and 40 Days For Life quietly stand at a distance and simply pray against the tragedy of abortion. 

May God answer their prayers soon. 

The equivalent pro-abortion article by Dr Anna Livingstone can be seen in full (here).

It is notable that both articles – from very different perspectives – highlight the wellbeing and interests of the woman, but of course only mine was in a position to promote the welfare of the baby. To pro-abortionists, he or she (the gender of a pre-born is identifiable from 7 weeks) is airbrushed out as an unmentionable unperson of no moral worth, “a cluster of cells… an unnecessary and insentient clump of flesh” (here), and is only there to be terminated by surgical assault from today’s equivalent of Victorian knitting needles and poisons.

I’d hate it if one of the demonstrating doctors had been our family GP when my wife was pregnant with our children. They were never unnecessary clumps of flesh.

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