Terrence Higgins Health Horrors: 2

(WARNING: As with my previous Terrence Higgins piece, this is not for minors.)

My post last week about Terrence Higgins Trust’s (THT’s) health advice (here) caused shock and a bit of a stir. But it is appropriate first to clarify exactly what my objection to THT is about:

(a) It is NOT a homophobic thing. Gays must be at liberty to live their lives free from harassment and hatred like everyone else. Further, the depraved behaviour described on the THT website – and in the corresponding THT advice booklets The Bottom Line and Below The Belt – is presumably practiced by a small minority of people of any sexual orientation and both genders. However THT makes clear that this particular obscene health advice is intended specifically for gay males.

(b) It IS an anti-THT thing. The Trust received £15m of statutory funding (71% of total income) in 2010/11 (here); has reputable patrons such as Sir Richard Branson, Dame Judi Dench, Miriam Stoppard, Tracey Emin, Sir Elton John and Stephen Fry (here); works in close partnership with the NHS, the Department for Education and other authorities; and is currently targeting young people with counsel and guidance – yet as bold as brass THT distributes health advice that is blatantly unhealthy, unhygienic and harmful let alone sordid and perverted. The big question: should we trust our young people to THT for health and sex guidance?

Of course another issue is THT’s corporate culture. What exactly are the underlying values and corporate aims exposed by these booklets? Newspaper culture has been exposed by journalist phone hacking; banking culture has been exposed by ‘rogue traders’ and Libor-fixing. What do The Bottom Line and Below The Belt tell us about a management that sanctions such publications and makes them available on their main website? That’s a question we’ll need to put to Sir Nick Partridge OBE, chief executive of THT (here).

I posted about THT on Monday evening, 2nd July. Within 48 hours, on Wednesday afternoon, THT took down their website, initially (they informed us on a temporary webpage) for ‘maintenance’ and then for a relaunch. The new site was published 24 hours later and – surprise, surprise – the offending health information had been removed. The new site can be found (here).

On Wednesday too I wrote to the Charity Commission requesting them to rescind THT’s charity registration on the basis that the trust is operating openly in contradiction of its health and charitable objectives.

I forwarded to them THT’s advice on watersports, scat, fisting, felching, and rimming and asked – rhetorically of course – whether giving advice about drinking urine, eating faeces, inserting forearms up recta, sucking semen from anuses through a straw, and tongue-licking the rear end of men’s alimentary canals can be seen as sound or even acceptable health advice?

As by then the website was down, I let them know they could obtain copies of the advice by contacting THT direct and requesting their health booklets The Bottom Line and Below The Belt. (If you too want copies, call THT on 020-7812 1600.)

The Commission say they will reply within 15 days.

Encouragingly, a number of readers forwarded my post to their MP. At least one ‘absolutely shocked’ MP has now also written to the Charity Commission ‘asking for their opinion on whether it is appropriate for such material to be funded by the public purse, whether they were aware that this material was being produced by THT and what action they can take in this case’. Another has said he will take up the issue too.

Have you contacted your MP yet?

30 thoughts on “Terrence Higgins Health Horrors: 2

  1. I contacted my Mp and sent him the link to look at the unhealthy material… I have no answer whatsoever from Adam Afriyie Berkshire.
    obviously not interested or in agreement with THT ?

  2. You call Stephen Fry a reputable person. Yet he is a convicted criminal who admits he was gaoled for credit card fraud and before that had been pilfering on a small scale for years.
    Now he profits by telling all this in his charming autobiography!

  3. Don’t grovel to them Alan by saying you are not “homophobic”. Make it clear that you are not intimidated by the rhetoric of extremists.

  4. This needs airing, as does the whole sub-culture of The Frankfurt School, undermining our families as well as our whole society. The first part has been published already and it will have gone to several hundred if not over a thousand people by e-mail and several hundred more hard copies will follow.

  5. Alan,

    Nobody doubts your sincerity, but you have been effectively painted into a corner by the church.

    The real issue here is straightforward: homosexual practice is unambiguously condemned by scripture and therefore wrong. I won’t dwell on the detail of the argument, suffice it to say it is an IMPORTANT matter because it speaks to core Christian doctrine, viz the Trinity, the nuclear family, and the Church’s relationship with its maker. It is not the side issue that liberals have long portrayed it, nor is it something on which true Christians can be ‘neutral’ (as if that were ever possible).

    Thus, because of the duplicitous nature of church leadership (not just Anglican but of other denominations too), there is no MORAL voice in the land calling the people to repentance and to return to the Lord. You dare not call this the abomination it is, for you will NOT be supported by your spiritual ‘leaders’, such is the corruption within God’s house.

    Is it any wonder therefore, that we see a rise of false gods and atheism in Britain today? How could anyone possibly ever convert to militant Islam, except in the absence of strong Christian witness in the land. And it is indeed absent!

    There is much in the Bible about how a people declines when it is spiritually leaderless, and this is what we observe now.

    It was Edward Gibbon who observed that great civilizations collapse when they start to rot morally from within. He was talking about Rome, naturally, so it’s ironic that it applies now, to our once Christian society.

    The real question is not whether the Terence Higgins Trust will be deprecated, but whether there are yet prophets in the land to stand up and speak the word of the Lord to the people.

    For where there is no vision, the people perish (Proverbs 29:18).

  6. The day of Judgement has never ben so near as it is today. The Satanic promoted works of depraved man will be brought down by the Lord Jesus Christ upon HIs very soon return. The decipoles of Jesus Christ asked of Him “when will the end be?” Jesus Christ answered that they could forcast the weather but could not see the evidence of the end times, yet the same evidence was to be seen all around them if they would only look and believe.
    The day of the second coming of the Lord is at hand and those who have anything to do with the promotion or use of, or in any way foster this horrible and most sinful act will suffer eternal destruction and spend eternity in hell. FACT. All you who indulge in so called “gay” activity be warned. God is NOT to be tried. His word is law. Repent now for now is the accepted day of salvation.

  7. Excellent summary of the predicament, Simon M.
    I too have long been of the opinion that homosexuals (wittingly or otherwise) are key warriors in Satan’s plan to invert the created order of heaven and earth. Some thirty years ago, a social contract was forged in popular Western culture between heterosexual fornicators and homosexuals in which it was strategically if tacitly agreed that homosexuals would become the footsoldiers, martyrs, whipping boys and sacrificial lambs, the satanic Christs, if you will, of the new permissive society. Like heart-hardened Pharaohs, they ignored the warning scourge of AIDS, and instead turned the plague to their advantage by painting themselves as the new ‘niggers’, supposedly representative of the common man, suffering in propitiation on behalf of all those among humanity, homosexual or heterosexual, who count unbridled fornication as the highest and noblest joy, a so-called ‘human right’. It was thus agreed and planned that homosexuals would do all the legwork of defeating the existing morality and the nominal ‘Church’, on behalf of permissive heterosexuals, in exchange for unparalleled riches, fame, and political and cultural power. Their goal is now 99% achieved, and the success of it is measurable in that only 1% of Christians have woken up to be aware that we are now surrounded and slated for annihilation by the general public, who are wholly in thrall of and indebted to their homosexual mandarins and social architects, men such as Stephen Fry, who, posing as a sodomite, would once have been instinctively shunned as an embarrassing undesirable by even the foulest non-Christian heterosexual, yet is now universally lauded as a pioneer and liberator of society, a messiah no less. The rest of Christendom does not care, having had their ranks long ago infiltrated by backslidden and dissimulating wolves teaching ‘love’ and ‘tolerance’ and the downgrading of scripture, and thus being wilfully ignorant of the fundamental abomination of the created universe which is being perpetrated. And as I read back what I have just written, it appears horrifyingly as a fulfilling paraphrase of Romans 1-3. Hell yet yawns to consume these rioters, yet they are sworn to spill the blood of the saints first. As you say, Simon M, we need an army of Elijah’s in this dark hour. Even one would suffice, yet can one be found? I daily pray so. Perhaps he is already with us, perhaps it is he who has prayed for this continual rain on the British Isles, that they may repent, as Elijah prayed the opposite. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

  8. It is not homophobic to call filth, filth. Homophobic, the word, is a Marxist construct designed to shut people up when they are faced with evil and dare call it what it is. A phobia is a fear – the sex acts these perverts perform are disgusting so we need a Latin suffix to supply the meaning. I actually feel sorry for normal homosexuals {if that is not an oxymoron} because I am sure 99% of them do not want to destroy marriage. The 1% which do should be erased.

  9. I am feeling very guilty that I did not write to my MP immediately – is there any way you can let us have an archived link to the original webpage?

  10. You have carried out a great service. The fact that the website is down is a victory in itself. I looked at it and was disgusted. Thanks for bringing this to light.

  11. I take issue with Simon M who says that there is no moral voice in the land.

    Let him familiarise himself with the teaching of the Catholic Church( and its representatives in this country )which does and has always anathemised bestiality of this nature.
    Alan does a great service to make us aware of the fact that these practices have been recommended by a substantailly publicly funded organisation.

    Incidentally, I disagree with his description of the patrons noted.

  12. The THT material is truly revolting and morally utterly degrading. I felt violated just reading it.

    How very “tactical” (sic — not “tactful”) of them to take the stuff down on the quiet after you had made the matter public.

    I’m with Simon M on this. Those of us ordained but in lower positions in the CofE have what I guess the Americans would call “negative support” when we raise our heads on the issue.

    My own Bishop is trying to nail his colours to the proverbial fence by insisting on dialogue with liberals and pro-homosexuals while claiming to uphold the Biblical line. If he were doing the latter he would not be entertaining the former.

    Having only just moved from one constituency to another I don’t yet know who my local MP is and have chaos in my workspace that precludes writing to him/her, but I know my former MP ould be horrified.

  13. I thank God that at last a spade is being called a spade. I’m recently retired from CofE fulltime ministry, and I’m grateful to Alan for bringing this horrific sordid business to light. I know my MP is a lovely committed (RC) Christian woman, and I will also forward the link to her. We have been in regular contact over a number of issues.

  14. Peter Watson, even though there has not been one clinical case of homophobia reported in this country, I am ready to put my hands in the air and say that I am an out – proud homophobe. You see I was born like it; it is in the genes. My dad was a homophobe and so was his dad, going right back into the mists of history.

    I have tried to become a homophile but to no avail. I have been for psychotheraphy and counselling but I became even more depressed and suicidal. Finally, I understood that is what God made me. Marvellous! The truth has set me free.

  15. Firstly, I think it is important to say that no Government/Charity Commission policy, in support of THT and these practices, should surprise anyone. The Government (Dep of Education) has been promoting exactly this kind of “sex education” for a while. Secondly, while I agree with the Christian standpoint of many commenters here, we have to fight and win these battles in this-worldly terms – Governments and media people will be unimpressed by, indeed, quite opposed to, “God says …”. Thirdly, the problem with exposing revolting evidence (of gay pratices, or such as the infanticide products of abortion)is that after a while, they cease to shock (like 3rd World starving- child pictures), so such exposure has to be cautious. Fouthly, we have to expose fully the fact that promoting gay practices means exposing men to probable hideous suffering, disease, and death: it is homosexual promoters who (clearly must) actually hate gay men – we must show that we love them, though not the things that they are being led into, which are destructive in THIS WORLDLY terms, here-and-now.

  16. Hello Alan,
    I’m pleased you have flagged up your horrendous discovery on the THT website. I was prompted to research ‘gay’ sex several months ago when it became apparent that schools were being targeted for the promotion of homosexuality through a range of resources, staff ‘training’ sessions etc, all in the name of ‘equality’.
    During my research I discovered a white paper that highlights the health hazards you mentioned. It can be viewed here – http://catholiceducation.org/articles/homosexuality/healthrisksSSA.pdf
    I did contact the prime minister’s office with this disturbing information via email. Have they acted on it? It’s not apparent to me.
    All parents need to investigate the sex ed material etc being used in their children’s school.

  17. 1 John 1:5-6 This is the message we have heard from him and proclaim to you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all. If we say we have fellowship with him while we walk in darkness, we lie and do not practise the truth.

  18. In terms of our culture, one is at a loss as to how this material could be promoted with public money at a time that benefits to poorest and most vulnerable in society are being cut. Even in the days of the Greater London Council in the 1980s there was nothing comparable being circulated. Seeking for precedents, one can only really find parallels in descriptions of rituals contained in accounts of the Black Mass and Satanic Sabbats in the Middle Ages (recorded in the works of the Revd Montague Summers)in the works of the Marquis De Sade, and in the practices of those who aped them in 1930s Berlin during the rise of the Nazis. If Members of Parliament are closing their eyes to this,I wonder if their local parties also think this is an acceptable use of public money? Would they actively draw this material to the attention of the electorate to this material as an example of the responsible use of taxes, in order to win votes at the next local or national election?

  19. Andrew, one of the lies that have been forced upon us is the idea that these people are sick. They are not sick, they are sinful, and it is only when that is acknowledged that there is a hope of repentance and forgiveness.
    As for writing to my MP is concerned, he is Stephen Gilbert who I have written to on every occasion where homosexuality is promoted. In a written response to me he proudly stated that he is a practicing homosexual. I will continue to write to him, even if it is just to keep up the pressure, but have absolutely no hope of him responding positively to anything. He does not represent me in any shape or form.

  20. A month ago I wrote to my labour MP pointing this horror out. Nothing but a computer acknowledgement and a regular promotional newsletter ever since. I wrote a letter to all the 25 London Assembly Members two weeks ago, stone dead silence so far, but i bet there thinking about it. Now I have my template letter i am going to send it all my councillors, my council leader, school heads and governors. Having had worked for an politician in the past i can say that i never every had a letter about a christian concern. I fear that too many christians hand wring, complain and worry, but action is what counts. its very liberating

  21. I’m guessing none of you have seen ‘two girls one cup then’?
    Sorry to say this makes me titter as yet again lots of people put forward ‘God’s will’ and get hysterical. I am a gay man and I’m not into any of the things listed in these magazines. In fact I don’t know any of my gay friends that are, but I’m sure there are people out there who are and need to be told how to do things safely.

    Just because I get handed a leaflet on Scat doesn’t mean I’ll go home and let the boyfriend shit on me, just like If I was handed a leaflet saying join the Islam Church, I’m not going to go home and become an Islamic follower and the same will defiantly be said about leaflets posted through my door offering buy one get one free MacDonalds Hamburgers, I most certainly will not.

    Regarding Politics and Religion maybe they shouldn’t mix as I’m a UK tax payer, I vote for who I think best will guide us as a country, but I don’t believe in God, I believe in people and would rather live in a society that helps fund charities no matter how unconnected they are with your or mine life as long as they are helping some people. Just because you Alan, Your Commenters, and myself aren’t into Water sports, what gives us the right to judge those that are? Let them be offered advice. Please don’t be so short sighted people as to fight a charity that does a lot of good work for so many people that are often isolated in this country.

    Thank you for reading (and hopefully publishing)

  22. You cannot promote sexual activity – either an individual finds these sexual acts appealing or they don’t. People indulge in all sorts of things, I always say if it is behind closed doors, everyone is consenting and it doesn’t affect anyone else, no matter how sickening it might be to me, go right ahead, knock yourself out as they say. WHat’s right or wrong for me sexually is not the same for the next person and so on. You cannot promote sexual desires, they are in built. WHy not let people have safety information on anything they may indulge in? I would rather be educated and aware, regardless of what i may be into or not, rather than be mindless to the big open world out there full of alot of individuality. I say let people live their lives the way they want, regardless of my opinion on the matter. Like i said, if it happens behind closed doors and those involved are consenting, let them have their fun. It’s not hurting me or anyone else for that matter

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