Terrence Higgins Health Horrors

(WARNING: This post is not for minors. There’s some stomach-churning stuff here which is mainstream, endorsed by public authorities and funded in part by you and me. It is available to our children from a recommended and apparently reputable source. It urgently needs challenging.)

The charity Terrence Higgins Trust (THT) was formed in the first rush of the HIV/AIDS pandemic that panicked society in the early eighties. Named after a gay man who was among the first to die from AIDS in the UK and with its roots still in the gay community, THT claims now to be the nation’s leading and largest HIV and sexual health charity (here) having broadened its services to include the general population “especially young people who are most at risk of sexual ill health”.

Certainly THT has gained recognition and clout in health and education circles. It works regularly in partnership with NHS trusts (here), received £200,000 from the Department for Education last year to train “100 disadvantaged 14-19 year-olds to become Sexual Health Champions who will then go on to deliver peer-to-peer SRE (sex and relationships education) sessions for 2,000 more young people” (here), and runs Sex Education Days for teenagers alongside local accredited youth organisations (here).

Incidentally a young person I know was employed by THT last year in one of their local initiatives – a chlamydia survey amongst 14 to 25 year olds in east London. He was trained to approach young people in busy shopping centres (and, interestingly, to avoid any who were accompanied by adults) and persuade them to complete a survey and pee privately into a bottle. If they returned the bottle containing urine they received 10 free condoms. The pay was lousy and success rate low, so he left.

Nonetheless, so far so good. THT has become a reputable nationwide organisation with growing influence that works in association with public health and education authorities as a guide, counsellor and mentor to young people.

But read this astonishing health information for gay men direct from THT’s website and easily available to all, including THT’s youthful followers:

Watersports: “Watersports means letting piss get on his or your body or clothes – or in the mouth, or drinking it. Drinking plenty of beer – or water, apple or cranberry juice if you want to stay clear-headed – makes sure your urine isn’t too salty and smelly” (here).

Scat: “Scat is sex involving playing with shit, maybe eating it, too. Smearing shit onto healthy unbroken skin poses relatively little health risk if the person the turds came from is free of infections” (here).

Fisting: “Fisting involves inserting a hand, sometimes forearm, into the rectum – occasionally going up as far as the lower colon… Fisting fans call it the ultimate sexual experience, giving intense feelings of trust and intimacy” (here).

Felching: “Felching involves sucking (usually your own) semen out of someone else’s arse – with or without a straw” (here).

So, mainstream publicly-funded THT advises on drinking urine, eating faeces, inserting forearms up recta and sucking semen from anuses.

What depravity and insanity is this?

Health authorities tell us that we mustn’t smoke (here); THT counsels gays on playing with and even eating human excrement.

The NHS says we should eat 5-A-Day (here); THT advises gays about gulping semen from backsides.

THT’s gay health information is sick and evil. The organisation must lose its public funding and charity status. Its programme of targeting minors should be outlawed immediately. And its advice and information needs to be relegated to the repulsive ranks of the most depraved hard-porn gay sites on the web.

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  1. Odd, isn’t it, that in societies that have tolerant and open attitudes to sex and sexuality, tend to have low rates of divorce, teen pregnancy, fewer single-parent families, lower rates of crime and STDs. Whereas overtly Christian societies, the Bible-Belt of the USA is a good example – have high rates of divorce, single parent families and esp. teen pregnancy. I don’t particularly countenance this leaflet, but then teenagers who are informed about sex tend to be able to make their own mind up about engaging in it and – as many of northern European neighbours attests – have far, far lower rates of teen pregnancy and STDs. It would seem that it is ignorance that often results in teen pregnancy and STD transmission, as our Christian friends in the USA bear witness. ‘Thou Shalt Not’ from the pulpit, but still (as Sarah Palin’s daughter demonstrates) an unhealthy number of teen pregnancies and failure of marriages.

    I have worked with the Terrance Higgins Trust, when I worked as a palliative care social worker in central London. In the main, the people I referred and many of the people the charity works with (in London at least) are African heterosexuals – often conservative Christians too! (No doubt they caught their HIV infection from a toilet seat..? As many claimed to do!) So I’d be careful if I were you, many of your conservative Christian chums in Newham could be receiving services from THT and would miss its very good legal and social advice services.

    As for THT receiving 70% of its income from public funds – many Christian organisations far exceed this proportion of their income: The Salvation Army (80%), Livability (88%), Catholic Care, Leeds (86%) to name a few – and excepting trustees and senior management, anyone can work for these organisations, regardless of belief or lifestyle (too few Christians like to work as care workers on next minimum wage). They proclaim their work as ‘Christian’ when there is little (if anything) about the hands on work of these organisations that is any different to other voluntary and private providers of social care. In effect the state subsidises what Christians can’t do themselves… A pity a few more taxpayers don’t complain about this economy with the truth on the part of many Christian social welfare state dependent welfare charities!

    So I wouldn’t worry too much about the THT leaflet, it is educational – and it is from ignorance that people get STDs – teenagers are going to have sex, no matter what (as the teen pregnancy of Bible Belt America amply illustrates!). I wish I’d known what half these practices were when I was in my teens. They are NOT gay practices, they are sexual practices and many heterosexuals engage in them too… So please stop this silliness and write letters about something that really matters.


  2. @ Charlie ‘The ordinary heterosexual person would never imagine these kinds of perverse activities.’

    Nor would your average homosexual person…

  3. “They are NOT gay practices, they are sexual practices and many heterosexuals engage in them too… So please stop this silliness and write letters about something that really matters.”

    Yeah right! Just like HIV is NOT a gay disease. I am sure there are occasional heterosexuals that practice just about any perversion. However, homosexuals are greatly overrepresented in these perversions as they are in STDs and paedophiles.

    Do not get me wrong. I am not trying to say that these perversions are common practice with homosexuals but practised far more often than amongst heterosexuals.

  4. Sin abounds now, more than any time in human history. The depravity of some homosexuals beggars belief. Trouble is most governments in the so called developed parts of the world are complicit in this depravity. Surely mankind is approaching the time spoken of in the books of Daniel,Matthew and revelation:The time of the antichrist.As Christians we must be prepared to suffer for our faith,onto the cross with Our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ where the victory was won.

  5. Well it is best when it comes from the horse’s mouth.Peter Denshaw says, “I wish I’d known what half these practices were when I was in my teens.” Clearly he wants our children and grandchildren to know about them too. Why would anyone want to know about them unless they were engaged in such behaviour? Why would anyone want to know about explosives unless they were going to use them?

    It is good that Alan has allowed people like Peter Denshaw to speak for it dispels at one stroke that what we are dealing with is something not just abnormal but profoundly evil.

    Below the Belt:

    Bottom line:

    Hard cell:

  6. I should have said:It is good that Alan has allowed people like Peter Denshaw to speak for it dispels at one stroke the notion that what we are dealing with is something not just abnormal but profoundly evil.

  7. Let me say that again: Peter Denshaw’s comment dispels at one stroke any doubt that what we are dealing with is something not only abnormal but profoundly evil.

  8. I believe we should tolerate those who are different, after all we all sin but this is so gross, so vile it’s as if they want to shock. It’s depraved.

  9. If gay marriage was legalised, presumably
    it would become even harder to prevent such filth from filtering into mainstream sex education taught at schools, as homosexual and hetrosexual sex education would presumably have to be taught simulatenously, warping and distorting further the minds of the next generation.
    The sick architects and social engineers behind this agenda, benefit as their depraved practices are elevated from the sewer into the classroom,and into wider society, making it far easier for them to influence and groom new victims.

    Now I am statring to see the stark realisty of relativism, anything goes, anything can be justified, or argued as demonstrated by THT’s ‘below the belt’ guidance . I wonder to what extent the so called ‘reputable patrons’ Sir Richard Branson, Dame Judi Dench, Miriam Stoppard, Tracey Emin, Sir Elton John and Stephen Fry are aware of the filth that is peddled in their names? are they incredibly gullible, in denial, or complicit and the engineers behind this?

  10. I don’t think I’ve ever read anything so vile and despicable. How can the government not only give a nod and a wink to this depravity but support it with taxpayers money, and without our consent. What has happened to the morals of the nation, not to mention the concept of personal responsibility towards the weak and vulnerable in society. How short-sighted of the government not to see that by encouraging these heinous acts, especially among the young, they are paving the way for a future filled with mental illness, isolation and depressive conditions which will affect us all. God gave the gift of sex to Adam and Eve as an expression of love and commitment between a man and a woman and for the pro- creation of children under the umbrella of marriage. God knew that this was the ideal environment for the rearing of children within a safe, harmonious, family relationship. In the UK today we have debased the value of family and relationship so that we have become a fractured society. However, we can throw off all restraint and drag everything down to the gutter level but, make no mistake, God is not mocked. This is exactly what happened to ancient Greece and Rome, I believe, civil- izations which bear no resemblence to their former glory and it all started with homosexuality.

  11. I must say that I was shocked and appalled to read the literature ‘Below the Belt’ and particularly ‘The Bottom Line’ giving so called ‘sexual guidance’ printed by the T.H.T. and up until recently was on their web site. Thank you Alan for being willing to commit so much time and effort, to alerting the Christian community, to the absolute vulgarity of this material.

    We all have a personal responsibility as Christians, to speak out against this evil which is not only an abomination to God, but also substantially detrimental to the morals of society; particularly our young people. I’m sure that to a large degree the Church is oblivious to the depth of this corruption, and therefore God’s people, as the ‘salt of the earth’ and ‘light of the world’ must do everything possible to sound the alarm, graciously, wisely and yet with clarity. We must, with God’s help, drive back this rising tide of perversion, which is now no longer a subtle invasion of the devil, but a proud and blatant defiance of evil and open rebellion against God’s Holy Word and nature. What is being paraded as good and ‘normal’ must be exposed for the deception that it is.

    We can no longer bury our heads in the sand and leave it to others to speak up. It is long overdue for the voice of the Church to be heard speaking against the moral landslide we have allowed, through our silence, to take place.

    It is easy to think we are too busy to get involved and we have other ‘battles’ that need to be fought. However, may we all at least pray for the Lord to show us His will about our response to this dreadful depravity that is working under the guise of a Charity, receiving tax exemption, substantial financial support from the government, and also money from you and me as tax payers!

    We will be writing to our local MP, and various contacts at the House of Commons and House of Lords, as well as the network of prayerful Christian friends we know, and would encourage those who have seen and read the T.H.T. literature to do the same.

  12. Lord, Please forgive us for our apathy. Where oh where is the conscience of this nation (The Church) I feel you weeping Lord Jesus. I am too.

  13. What a load of rubish and taken totally out of context.
    Its god botheres like you lot that hinder sexual health and ruin peoples lives with your poisenious thoughts of whats right and whats wrong.
    Stick to moaning about women vicars or where the church can scam its next load of money from!

  14. People both heterosexual and homosexual enjoy the acts outlined above. It is not necessarily just gay people. This article is ridiculously uninformed. THT provides people (both straight and gay) with advice on how to not to get STD’s if they wish to partake in such activities. It has nothing to do with you what people do in the privacy of their own homes. Stop being so shallow minded and spreading such a hateful message- I thought Christianity was meant to be about love and acceptance? You bunch of ignornace, shallow minded hypocrites.

  15. This is not a fair and accurate response to THT -who are not endorsing anything except respect, information and safety. Material on all these topics is widely available to any youth or adult who wants to search it out. How THT, and any other public or voluntary sector health service keeps people safer is by providing unbiased facts instead in amidst the mass of information and misinformation – and by trying to provide this is a targetted way.

    I used to work for THT and can assure all concerned parties that these materials referred to are not for young people but targetted at a particular adult audience. I always removed adult mterials from buildings and sessions when under 18-s were in the building and as the work we did with young people was young people led it mostly concerned discussing acquiring and maintaining healthy relationships.

    I will say however that after years and years of working with young people in education community and faith settings they have heard or seen about all kinds of sexual activity and have an ever greater exposure via the internet. Now more than ever theey need to be able to talk about what they see or hear about to help them make sense of it and to protect them from harm, and abuse. Not talking about sex and relationships appropriately openly is a direct contributor to domestic violence, self esteem issues, STI transmission, divorce etc.

    People do have their own feelings and interests in terms of sex but THT simply gives a definition of activities and harm reduction information for those that seek it out. There is no jutification in saying that THT promote any of these acts to young people and its totally salacious to say it is taken into schools by the charity.

    I think this petition is built on assumption and prejudice and that a massive leap has been made from the oberving of an existence of a leaflet and a conclusion that it is used in schools to promote certain ways of living with children. Its not a helpful healthy or grown up way to address concerns to ask people to stop funding a charity that contributes so positively and vitally to many peoples lives.

  16. Id also like to add that the issues discussed are not gay issues. Some heterosexuals and some gay couples are involved in some of these sexual acts some of the time. The fact that some people of all sexualities might be interested in doing some of these things might be a consideration for health promotion, but this has nothing to do with whether or not same sex couples can be married and it is unfair to link the two issues.

  17. I for one would rather young people have all the facts so that they are able to make an informed choice. It is the appropriate, sensible thing to do.

    This is the worst form of sensationalism.

  18. Roberto, I am dumbfounded by your suggestion that this sick filth should should be presented to ‘young people’ so they can make informed choices. Are you serious. Are you really so immersed in this that you have lost touch. Where is your responsbility to children and young people, dont you want to shelter them from evil harm and guide them so they can lead positive and healthy lives. Would you present this to your son or daughter, or cherished young family member. When you were a child, teenager, or young adult, would you have wanted a trusted relative pushing this filth on you so you could make an informed choice? what kind of society do you want?

  19. Re Mark comments about us lot trying to hinder his sexual health. What planet are you on? analyse what you have said. Which bit of scat, watersport, fisting and felching is sexual health? I really hope you see the light and are delivered from your darkness. Would you promote such practices in public, of course not, because you would be ashamed, and that is god giving you a hint that you are going against his design. Do you honestly, hand on heart, want children and young people to indulge in this, or regard this as normal? so why promote it? Work out your motives, in whose name are you doing this work? satan has willing and unwitting fools to do his work, stop being one of them. you know this is wrong.

  20. Re Liam Peters. when you say that people ‘enjoy’ the acts outlined. Speak for yourself and the tiny minority of your like.

    You suggest that somehow we are ridiculously uninformed and out of touch. No, its seeing corrupt, depraved practices for what they are, and people like you who are trying to normalise them. It reminds me of the metaphor of the boiling frog story describing a frog slowly being boiled alive, (ie the normalisation of depraved sexual practices in society). The premise is that if a frog is placed in boiling water, it will jump out (our reaction to THT literature), but if it is placed in cold water that is slowly heated, it will not perceive the danger and will be cooked to death.
    As I said in my previous comments above, hand on heart you know your wrong, be honest, that feeling is god giving you a hint, open your eyes, see the light and find gods peace within yourself.

    Liam Peters Says:
    July 16th, 2012 at 1:12 pm
    People both heterosexual and homosexual enjoy the acts outlined above. It is not necessarily just gay people. This article is ridiculously uninformed. THT provides people (both straight and gay) with advice on how to not to get STD’s if they wish to partake in such activities. It has nothing to do with you what people do in the privacy of their own homes. Stop being so shallow minded and spreading such a hateful message- I thought Christianity was meant to be about love and acceptance? You bunch of ignornace, shallow minded hypocrites.

  21. Re Liam Peters comment that ‘christianity was meant to be about love and acceptance? you bunch of ignorance, shallow minded hyprocrites’. Liam you are right, in the sense that certain voices in the church of england have for far too long been afraid to assert true christian values, for fear of offence or for their desire to be PC and popular, giving the public impression they are pathetic and a walk over. Also the infultration of the mostly gay paedophile vicars in all christian denominations have undermined its authority. This has lead to a moral vacuum in this country and precipitated the environment that we find ourselve in, with such material being freely available on THT website, and the dredful secular proposal for gay marriage. Unlike them, Jezus was crucified because he spoke the truth, turned over tables, upset authority, he was no ones fool, and dont expect us to be too.

  22. Absolutely disgusting !!!!!!! And this is a so called ‘health charity’. The funding for this filth must be stopped !!!!!!!

  23. I n agree with most of the Christian concerns, but am also worried about the health aspect of all this. Surely we can show our concerns that people who take part in these practices should not be in the domain of preparing and dealing with food or drink . This is very practical I know.

  24. Questions for Tracy who worked for THT and supports their valuable work. If in your opinion there is nothing wrong with the material ie scat, watersport, fisting and felching, why did THT remove the publications when attention was being drawn to this material? please justify?

  25. Thank you Alan for exposing this filth of which decent people in their right mind would have no idea of the depth these people go to,in their way of life.

  26. I see that the DEVIL has now set aside some of his previous subtle approaches in favour of a full frontal attack on all that JESUS has taught us. One senses that he must be getting desperate now as we near his total destruction once and for all!

  27. I wonder if our “leaders” are happy for thier children to be taught such filth!
    as our beautiful country slips ever so nearer the edge I pray for these poor people who live such disgusting lives and institutions like the bbc who just seem to encourage it. God Bless

  28. If the revolting practices described here really are part of the gay lifestyle, then anyone – whether gay or straight – who would recommend that any child be exposed to this filth, is unspeakably and criminally depraved.

  29. As a gran of five granchildren I am absolutely appalled at the filth that is being taught to school children and teenagers from the so called “health teaching authorities”. Surely it would be advisable to encourage people not to indulge in such practices , and deter them from getting involved by explaining just exactly what could occur if they do . God’s word is very explicit about homosexuality , and as the Bible is our manual about how we should live , then we should take heed. Please pray that God’s will be done , and our children protected from such filth.

  30. I think that Alan Craig should be ashamed of himself. He lights the fuse then stands back. Hardly the behaviour of a responsible man. Hardly the behaviour of a genuine christian.

    Nowhere does he bother to come to this comments section and make it clear that none of this scatological advice is the advice given out to children in schools.

    I take it from Alan’s lack of responses to the comments, he is perfectly happy with having stoked up his bigoted readers to fulminate further against schools teaching children to be tolerant and to accept that others are not necessarily like them.

    My own (straight) nephew objected to the anti-gay bullying in his christian school. The bullying was being led by the christian teacher in a RE lesson. None of my family (including his parents) go to church any more. They’ve seen what a cess-pit of hypocrisy and vile abuse passes as christianity.

    There’s not one jot of christianity exhibited by the religious people in this thread. Christianity is clearly dead amongst the readers of this blog.

    No wonder practicing christians are so keen on brainwashing their children. No rational person would voluntarily adopt the christianity on display in this blog. It is ugly and vile.

    I look forward to the disestablishment of the church. So that MY taxes do not go to support such wickedness as exhibited here.

  31. How can this information(from THT) be classed as ‘sexual health’? It’s more like sexual death!! Whether the advice is for hetero or homosexual, this is pure filth and is demonic to the hilt. And making it available to children and adults goes to show the perverted agenda this ‘tax payer’ paid organization is all about

  32. It’s hugely amusing that all of the people disgusted by what they read about fisting and felching would have happily continued their lives without ever encountering this “filth” if Alan hadn’t published it on his website.

    Well done, Alan. When it comes to corrupting the innocent you have done more than almost anyone.

  33. I help run a Foodbank at a church in London providing tinned food to those who cannot afford to eat. Over half of our referrals are African women who come to us via THT. As they are not European citizens they cannot access benefits and rely on voluntary organisations to help them live and some who come are in quite a poor state of health. Little seems to be known about the good stuff that THT does in the community. I always think it best to look for the good in people rather than concentrating on the negative stuff!

  34. The information included on water sports and scat, for example, are there due to certain people having sexual desires in this area. I am a gay man and this sort of sexual activity is not my cup of tea. Indead, you will find it very few and far between to find people who are into this. But there are individuals who are into this, gay and straight. All THT do is provide information on how to enjoy individual sexual practices as safe as possible, no matter how ‘sickening’ they may be to others. Wouldn’t you rather individuals being educated on a given sexual practice rather than them indulging in it (if that is their own desire) with actuarate safe knowledge, rather than hiding away and possibly doing harm to themselves due to mis-education? Or would you rather people growing up completely mindless of the world around them???

  35. THT is not promoting Scat or Watersports its merely explaining what the definitions are. There are very few people, gay or straight into those activities but just because we are not into them doesn’t mean that THT shouldn’t explain the FACTS around those practices for those who choose to do them. Yes straight people ARE into that sort of thing and educating them of the risks is better than ignorance. Sadly ignorance is in abundance on this blog. THT’s website is an EDUCATIONAL forum not a forum for all you literally hysterical, narrow minded homophobes to dictate your personal morals. This is tiny side of all the brilliant work that THT has done over the years. They have saved many lives with their safe sex campaigns. I doubt ANY of you critics have constructively prevented the contraction of HIV/AIDS within any community.

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