The Gay Marriage Game

I hear the governing body of American football IAFA is demanding that they merge with and adopt the name of global football’s governing body FIFA.

They have told FIFA president Sepp Blatter that they too play football, that theirs too is a healthy outdoor team sport, that their supporters – while admittedly a small global minority restricted to North America – are just as passionate about their game, and that an IAFA name-change and merger with FIFA would give global recognition to American football and show the world it is exactly the same as conventional football.

Politicians and policy-makers at FIFA are sometimes corrupt, frequently foolish and certainly weak enough to be swayed by the decibel level of the noise accompanying the American demands.

Ordinary football supporters on terraces around the world know that the two games are different. But the Americans say they will just have to get over it.


4 thoughts on “The Gay Marriage Game

  1. By why stop at merging with FIFA, the subjective experience of enjoying running with a ball is shared by other sports such as netball. But it doesn’t even have to be restricted to this; the subjective pleasure of team work involved in carrying anything is shared by coffin bearers, ambulance workers and whole menu of carriers.

  2. Exactly! Remember when the those.. Americans(shudder!) started demanding the right to play football (Ha! If you can call it that!) and have their sordid little superbowls and everyone who celebrated REAL football every week, bums on terraces, were really disgusted and then no-one wanted to go anymore and they stopped holding world cups because the Americans had somehow cheapened it for everyone?… No, neither do I. Americans have their “football” & everyone else also has “football” and both get along just fine.. I do believe they even play at Wembley sometimes and it doesn’t crash down in a heap of rubble or get struck by lightning! :-p

  3. And because American football is different from British football I despise American footballers.

    They think they are having a good time, but they are not. I will never let my children anywhere near American football. And if any of my friends or I were to be asked to play American football then I would beat that person up…..

    Hmmm. It would seem an analogy can only streach so far.

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